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pike.git/CHANGES:120:    Stdio.Readline.       - Improved support for Terminfo on NetBSD.       - read_file(), read_bytes(), write_file() and append_file() will may    now throw exceptions on uncommon errors such as when write_file is    unable to write all its data.       - Stdio.File->openat() opens a file relative to an open directory.    - o Prepared for having multiple different active backend implementations. + o Support for having multiple different active backend implementations.    ...    The global variable next_timeout is no more. It has been replaced by    a backend-specific variable. Added backend_lower_timeout() for accessing    the new variable. This fixes issues GTK, GTK2 and sendfile had with the    new backend implementation.       NOTE!    NOTE! C-API incompatibility!    NOTE!    NOTE! Changed the argument for backend callbacks!
pike.git/CHANGES:179:   o Implicit and explicit create().       The compiler now supports defining classes with both an implicit    and an explicit create().      o Warnings for unused private symbols.       The compiler now checks that all symbols that have been declared    private actually are used.    + o Warnings for unused local variables. +  +  The compiler now checks that all local variables are used. +    o Unicode       Case information and the Unicode module are updated to Unicode    5.1.0.      o protected       The modifier protected is now an alias for the modifier static.      o Pike_fp->context
pike.git/CHANGES:200:    Pike_fp->context is now a pointer to the current struct inherit    rather than a copy of it. This allows for easier access to    inherited symbols in C-code.       NOTE!    NOTE! C-API incompatibility!    NOTE!      o Inherit level argument added to several object handling functions.    -  In order to implement subtyping of objects, and extra argument +  In order to implement subtyping of objects, an extra argument    "inherit_level" has been added to many object indexing related    functions.       NOTE!    NOTE! C-API incompatibility!    NOTE!      Extensions and New Functions      o __attribute__ and __deprecated__
pike.git/CHANGES:575:      o Process       - The new function spawn_pike() will spawn a Pike process similar to    the current one, using the same binary file, master and module    paths.       - The new function run() is an easy interface that will run a    process and return a mapping with all the outputs and exit code.    -  +     - Process.popen is now able to run in nonblocking mode. If a second    argument is provided a file object will be opened with that mode    and return, enabling two way communication with the new process.       - The system() function has been extended to be able to pass stdin,    stdout and stderr arguments to the spawn() call it performs.      o Protocols.DNS       - Added support for NAPTR (RFC 3403) records.
pike.git/CHANGES:609:      o Protocols.HTTP       - Added support for httpu and httpmu requests.       - Queries will now throw an exception in case of an errno condition.       - A new function, do_async_method(), has been added to allow access    to low level asynchronous HTTP calls.    -  - The http_encode_string() function now know how to encode UCS-2 +  - The http_encode_string() function now knows how to encode UCS-2    characters.      o Protocols.HTTP.Server       - If accept() fails on the open port, the Port object will continue    trying, to support servers with high load.      o Protocols.HTTP.Query       - Added unicode_data() method that will return the payload decoded    according to the charset described in the Content-Type header.       - Many fixes for bugs in asynchronous mode.       - A query will not silently downgrade to http from https anymore if -  +     there is no crypto support.       - Fixes for keep alive.      o Protocols.LDAP       Added more resilience to UTF-8 encode errors. A new flag    Protocols.LDAP.SEARCH_RETURN_DECODE_ERRORS may be used to avoid    throwing errors when this happens.