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pike.git/CHANGES:121:    - Fixed the inconsistency that Image.Dims.get_JPEG (and thus    Image.Dims.get) would flip the dimensions on JPEGs with EXIF    orientation information, even though Image.JPEG.decode does not    actually perform the rotations.      o Odbc       The module's configure script now respects ABI suffixes when searching    for the ODBC library dir.    + o Parser.HTML +  +  Fixed a Pike stack overflow occuring with certain inputs to the HTML +  parser. +    o Process.run       - Don't error if stdin modifier is supplied as the empty string.    [LysLysKOM 23099651]      o Protoocls.HTTP       - Protocols.HTTP.do_async_proxied_method() did not pass on request    headers unless credentials were given to the proxy or the protocol    to be used was HTTPS.