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pike.git/CHANGES:20:   Bug fixes   ---------      o The machine code generator on ia32 now aligns the stack    on a 16 byte boundary. This makes it possible to call    code that uses SSE2 instructions.      o Exceptions thrown in GTK signal handlers no longer cause    segfaults.    - o The SSL client code now interprets the RFCs more leniently. + o The SSL client code now interprets the RFCs more leniently to +  address some interoperability issues.    -  + o Fixed bugs in cipher selection that prevented null-ciphers from +  being negotiated by the SSL server (if allowed by the Context +  object). +    o Multiple fixes for the handling of accelerated    Filesystem.Monitor monitors, which could sometimes    lose notifications.      o Improved handling of response content-length in Protocols.HTTP.Query.      o Fixed case where unfinished programs could lose their parents.      o Fixed "Invalid service"-error from connect() on Fedora Core 4.