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pike.git/NT/init_nt:26:   #NTHOST=   #NTDRIVE='k:'      #NTHOST=localhost   #NTDRIVE='d:'      # What dir on the UNIX machine is on $NTDRIVE ?   # This variable MUST NOT end with a slash.   NTMOUNT=${NTMOUNT-}    + # Where on the UNIX machine are the NT libraries available? + NTLD_LIBRARY_PATH=${NTLD_LIBRARY_PATH-} +    # Use Simple Pike Remote SHell?   USE_SPRSH=yes      # Port for sprsh   NTPORT=${NTPORT-4711}      #These are only used if you use wine   watcom=D:\\CDROM   INCLUDE="$watcom\\H;$watcom\\H\\NT"   
pike.git/NT/init_nt:169:   else    MNTREPLACE="s@$NTMOUNT@@g   "    PIKE_PATH_TRANSLATE="s!^$NTMOUNT!$NTDRIVE!"   fi   IFS='   '      export NTHOST NTDRIVE NTCC CC PATH NTTOOLS MNTREPLACE MNTREPLACE   export NTPORT USE_SPRSH NTMOUNT IFS REMOTE_METHOD watcom INCLUDE - export NT_TOOL_PATH NTCOMPILER PIKE_PATH_TRANSLATE + export NT_TOOL_PATH NTCOMPILER PIKE_PATH_TRANSLATE NT_LIBRARY_PATH      if [ "$#" = "0" ]; then    case /$SHELL-$TERM in    */bash-xterm)    PROMPT_COMMAND="echo -n ]2\; $REMOTE_METHOD NT compile ]1\; $CC"    export PROMPT_COMMAND    ;;    esac       case /$0 in