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pike.git/NT/init_nt:2:      #This can be 'sprsh' or 'wine'   REMOTE_METHOD=sprsh      # Choose 'rntcc' for Watcom or 'rntcl' for Microsoft VC++   # (Make sure VC++ is before Watcom in your path!)   CC=${CC-rntcl}      # Edit   NTHOST=${NTHOST-} - NTDRIVE='k:' + NTDRIVE=${NTDRIVE-k:}      # Edit   #NTHOST=   #NTDRIVE='k:'      #NTHOST=localhost   #NTDRIVE='d:'      # What dir on the UNIX machine is on $NTDRIVE ?   # This variable MUST NOT end with a slash.
pike.git/NT/init_nt:97:   fi   IFS='   '      export NTHOST NTDRIVE NTCC CC PATH NTTOOLS MNTREPLACE MNTREPLACE   export NTPORT USE_SPRSH NTMOUNT IFS REMOTE_METHOD watcom INCLUDE   export NT_TOOL_PATH NTCOMPILER      case /$SHELL-$TERM in    */bash-xterm) -  PROMPT_COMMAND="echo -n ]2\; $REMOTE_METHOD NT compile ]1\; rntcc" +  PROMPT_COMMAND="echo -n ]2\; $REMOTE_METHOD NT compile ]1\; $CC"    export PROMPT_COMMAND    ;;   esac      case /$0 in    */init_nt)    case /$SHELL in    */bash)    exec $SHELL -rcfile $NT_TOOL_PATH/bash-fixup    ;;    *)    exec $SHELL    ;;    esac    ;;   esac