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pike.git/README-CVS:1: - $Id: README-CVS,v 1.26 2007/03/12 04:54:24 jhs Exp $ + $Id: README-CVS,v 1.27 2007/03/12 05:07:48 jhs Exp $         HOW TO BUILD PIKE FROM CVS      If you like to live at the bleeding edge you can download Pike from   CVS with all the latest additions from the developers. There are two   major branches in the archive, the latest stable branch and latest   development branch. Stable versions have an even minor version   number, i.e. 7.0.x, 7.2.x, 7.4.x, whereas the development branches   have an odd minor version.
pike.git/README-CVS:67:   depend Build the files that tracks dependencies between    the source files. This is necessary to ensure    correct rebuilding if some of the source files    change, but not if you only intend to use the    build tree once. It's not run by default.   source Prepare the source tree for compilation without    the need for a preexisting installed Pike.   force_autoconfig Force a build of the configure scripts. This is    useful e.g. if a new module directory is added in    the CVS. - force_configure Force configure to be run (recursively). If -  you've installed a new library and want Pike to -  detect it, then the simplest way is to remove -  config.cache in the build directory (or perhaps -  just delete the relevant variables in it) and then -  use this target. + force_configure Force configure to be run (recursively). + reconfigure Remove the cached results from previous configure +  runs and rerun configure recursively. If you have +  installed a new library and want Pike to detect it +  then the simplest way is to use this target.   dump_modules Dump the Pike modules directly in the build tree.    That makes Pike load faster if it's run directly    from there, e.g. through the bin/pike script (see    below). These dumped modules are not used for    anything else. After this has been run once, any    changed Pike modules will be redumped    automatically by the main build targets.   undump_modules Remove any modules dumped by dump_modules, and    remove the redump step described above.   force_dump_modules Force all Pike modules to be redumped, not just