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pike.git/README-CVS:1: - $Id: README-CVS,v 1.19 2002/12/05 17:31:21 nilsson fake $ + $Id: README-CVS,v 1.20 2003/02/20 00:10:52 mast Exp $         HOW TO BUILD PIKE FROM CVS      If you like to live at the bleeding edge you can download pike from CVS   with all the latest additions from the developers. There are two   major branches in the archive, the latest stable branch and latest   development branch. Stable versions have an even minor version number,   i.e. 7.0.x, 7.2.x, 7.4.x, whereas the development branches have an odd   minor version.
pike.git/README-CVS:52:    the build tree.   run_hilfe Run hilfe without installing pike.   pike Build only the pike core, do not recurse into the    module directories.   documentation Build the reference documentation from the    source. See the refdoc subdirectory.   depend Build the files that tracks dependencies between    the source files. This is necessary to ensure    correct rebuilding if some of the source files    change, but not if you only intend to use the -  build tree once. It's not run by default. See -  also the note below about this target. +  build tree once. It's not run by default.   source Prepare the source tree for compiliation without    the need for a preexisting installed pike.   force_autoconfig Forces a build of the configure scripts. This is    useful e.g. if a new module directory is added in    the CVS.   force_configure Forces configure to be run (recursively). If    you've installed a new library and want pike to    detect it, then the simplest way is to remove    config.cache in the build directory (or perhaps    just delete the relevant variables in it) and then
pike.git/README-CVS:104:   argument: If CONFIGUREARGS is set to '--help' then the help text from   the configure script is shown and nothing else is done, and the stored   CONFIGUREARGS setting isn't affected.      The build targets also creates a script 'pike' in the bin subdirectory   which runs the built Pike directly without installing it first. If   you want to use Pike this way (which is mainly useful if you update   from CVS often), you should consider doing 'make dump_modules' to make   it start faster.    - Note about the depend target: Dependencies are typically between *.c - files and the *.h files they include. Since many *.c files are - generated from other input, the depend target often trigs other - targets to generate them. Some of those targets use the pike binary - in the build tree, so if you do make depend before pike is first built - in a new build tree, you're likely to end up building everything. - That can seem like a bit of catch 22, but since the dependency files - are only needed to correctly rebuild in an old tree, it's perfectly ok - to wait with make depend until you have built Pike once. +     -  +    CONFIGURE OPTIONS AND BUILD VARIABLES      Some options for the configure script are:      --prefix=/foo/bar if you want to install Pike in /foo/bar,    default is /usr/local.   --without-gdbm compile without gdbm support   --without-bignums disable support for large integers   --without-gmp compile without gmp support (implies    --without-bignums)