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pike.git/README-GIT:111:   you want to use Pike this way (which is mainly useful if you update   from git often), you should consider doing 'make dump_modules' to make   it start faster.         Some options for the configure script are:      --prefix=/foo/bar if you want to install Pike in /foo/bar,    default is /usr/local.   --without-gdbm compile without gdbm support - --without-bignums disable support for large integers - --without-gmp compile without gmp support (implies -  --without-bignums) +    --with-rtldebug compile with runtime debug checks   --without-cdebug compile without debug symbols (-g)   --with-debug same as --with-rtldebug --with-cdebug   --without-debug same as --without-rtldebug --without-cdebug   --without-copt compile without -O2   --without-threads compile without threads support (see    also the section 'If It Doesn't Work' below)   --without-zlib compile without gzip compression libary    support   --without-dynamic-modules compile statically, no dynamic loading