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pike.git/bin/README:10:    Locale extraction utility for the locate system    implemented in the Locale module.      fake_dynamic_load.pike    Used by the build process to generate prototype header files to    enable dynamic load of libraries on Microsoft Windows.      fixdepends.sh    Used by make depend to generate dependencies.    - hilfe -  Alias for pike without arguments, which starts Hilfe, -  the incremental Pike frontend. -  +    install_module    Installs a Pike module into a pike module directory.      install.pike    The Pike installation script, which is run when a    Pike is installed. It is also run by when a binary    export is made, to assemble the package it later will    install.      make_ci.pike
pike.git/bin/README:72:    adds the posibility to start pike with the optional    argument --gdb to run the Pike in gdb. Usage example:    bin/pike --gdb program_that_crash.pike --arg arg2      pike.in    The file from which the script pike is generated.      precompile.pike    Creates .c files from .cmod files during Pike build.    - rsif -  The extremly handy "replace string in file" utility. -  +    smartlink    [FIXME: What does this do?]      tarfilter.pike    Filters a tar file applying root/root ownership on    its contents.      test_pike.pike    The program that performs the test suite when make    verify is run.