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pike.git/lib/7.8/modules/SSL.pmod/sslfile.pike:627:    SSL3_DEBUG_MSG ("SSL.sslfile->close: Shutdown after error\n");    int err = errno();    shutdown();    // Get here e.g. if a close callback calls close after an    // error, so never throw. (I'm somewhat suspicious to this,    // but I guess I did it with good reason.. :P /mast)    local_errno = err;    RETURN (0);    }, 0);    -  if (close_packet_send_state == CLOSE_PACKET_NOT_SCHEDULED) +  if (dont_throw) { +  close_packet_send_state = CLOSE_PACKET_MAYBE_IGNORED_WRITE_ERROR; +  } else if (close_packet_send_state == CLOSE_PACKET_NOT_SCHEDULED)    close_packet_send_state = CLOSE_PACKET_SCHEDULED;       // Even in nonblocking mode we call direct_write here to try to    // put the close packet in the send buffer before we return. That    // way it has a fair chance to get sent even when we're called    // from destroy() (in which case it won't work to just install the    // write callback as usual and wait for the backend to call it).       if (!direct_write()) {    // Should be shut down after close(), even if an error occurred.