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pike.git/lib/master.pike.in:1:   // -*- Pike -*-   //   // Master Control Program for Pike.   //   // This file is part of Pike. For copyright information see COPYRIGHT.   // Pike is distributed under GPL, LGPL and MPL. See the file COPYING   // for more information.   // - // $Id: master.pike.in,v 1.386 2006/04/22 13:48:08 grubba Exp $ + // $Id: master.pike.in,v 1.387 2006/06/08 11:37:01 mast Exp $      #pike __REAL_VERSION__   //#pragma strict_types      // Some programs destroys character pairs beginning with the currency   // symbol when running in chinese locale.   #if "ยค/" != "\244/"   #error "master.pike.in is corrupted."   #endif   
pike.git/lib/master.pike.in:2220:    // werror("Resolv_base(%O)\n",identifier);    return get_root_module(current_handler)[identifier];    }       //! Same as @[resolv], but throws an error instead of returning    //! @[UNDEFINED] if the resolv failed.    mixed resolv_or_error(string identifier, string|void current_file,    void|object current_handler)    {    mixed res = resolv(identifier, current_file, current_handler); -  if(zero_type(res)) error("Could not resolv %s.\n", identifier); +  if(zero_type(res)) error("Could not resolve %s.\n", identifier);    return res;    }       //!    mixed resolv(string identifier, string|void current_file,    object|void current_handler)    {    resolv_debug("resolv(%O, %O)\n",identifier, current_file);    INC_RESOLV_MSG_DEPTH();   
pike.git/lib/master.pike.in:2361:    return _backend_thread;   }   #endif         mapping(string:string) initial_predefines = ([]);      static mixed main_resolv(string sym, CompatResolver|void resolver) {    mixed v = (resolver||this)->resolv(sym);    if(!v) -  error("Could not resolv %s. " +  error("Could not resolve %s. "    "(Perhaps the installed pike tree has been moved.)\n", sym);    return v;   };      //! This function is called when all the driver is done with all setup   //! of modules, efuns, tables etc. etc. and is ready to start executing   //! _real_ programs. It receives the arguments not meant for the driver   //! and an array containing the environment variables on the same form as   //! a C program receives them.   void _main(array(string) orig_argv, array(string) env)