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pike.git/lib/master.pike.in:3372:       foreach(q, array opts)    {    switch(opts[0])    {    case "dumpversion":    write("%d.%d.%d\n", __REAL_MAJOR__, __REAL_MINOR__, __REAL_BUILD__);    exit(0);       case "version": -  exit(0, string_to_utf8(version() + " Copyright © 1994-2017 Linköping University\n" +  exit(0, string_to_utf8(version() + " Copyright © 1994-2018 Linköping University\n"    "Pike comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; This is free software and you are\n"    "welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; read the files\n"    "COPYING and COPYRIGHT in the Pike distribution for more details.\n"));       case "help":    exit( 0, main_resolv("Tools.MasterHelp")->do_help(opts[1]) );       case "features":    postparseaction="features";    break;