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pike.git/lib/master.pike.in:88:   // This integer variable should exist in any object that aspires to be   // the master. It gets set to 1 when the master is installed, and is   // therefore set in any object that is or has been the master. That   // makes the Encoder class encode references to the master and all   // ex-masters as references to the current master object.      // --- Functions begin here.      // Have to access some stuff without going through the resolver.   private object(_static_modules.Builtin) Builtin = _static_modules.Builtin(); - private constant Files = _static_modules.files; + private constant Files = _static_modules._Stdio;      #define Stat Files.Stat   #define capitalize(X) (upper_case((X)[..0])+(X)[1..])   #define trim_all_whites(X) (Builtin.string_trim_all_whites (X))      private function write = Files()->_stdout->write;   private function werror = Files()->_stderr->write;      // Tell Pike.count_memory this is global.   constant pike_cycle_depth = 0;