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pike.git/lib/master.pike.in:219:    //! possible.       string|mapping(string:string) getenv(string|void s);    void putenv(string|void varname, string|void value);       // compat_environment is the mapping returned by `environment    // (if any).    // compat_environment_copy is used to keep track of any changes    // performed destructively on the compat_environment mapping.    // Both should be zero if not in use. +  // Removed in Pike 7.8.    protected mapping(string:array(string)) compat_environment;    protected mapping(string:array(string)) compat_environment_copy;      #pragma no_deprecation_warnings    local __deprecated__(mapping(string:array(string))) `environment()    {    if (compat_environment) return compat_environment;    compat_environment_copy = ([]);   #ifdef __NT__    // Can't use the cached environment returned by getenv(), since