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pike.git/lib/master.pike.in:340:    mixed encode_object(object x);    // Codec::Decoder:    extern string fname;    extern int mkobj;    object __register_new_program(program p);    object objectof (string|array what);    function functionof (string|array what);    program programof (string|array what);    void decode_object(object o, mixed data);    -  string _sprintf(int t); +  __deprecated__ string _sprintf(int t);       // ---       extern int show_if_constant_errors;    extern mapping(string:string) initial_predefines;    extern joinnode root_module;    extern mapping(object:joinnode) handler_root_modules;    extern array(string) system_module_path;    extern CompatResolver fallback_resolver;    joinnode get_root_module(object|void current_handler);
pike.git/lib/master.pike.in:6322:    ret = compat_handler;    }    }       // Note: May duplicate the assignment above.    compat_handler_cache[v] = ret;       return ret;   }    - string _sprintf(int t) + protected string _sprintf(int t)   {    switch(t) {    // FIXME: What good is this lying for 't'? The master is still an    // object.. /mast    case 't': return "master";    case 'O': return "master()";    }   }      //! Return a master object compatible with the specified version of Pike.