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pike.git/lib/master.pike.in:1:   // -*- Pike -*-   //   // Master Control Program for Pike.   //   // This file is part of Pike. For copyright information see COPYRIGHT.   // Pike is distributed under GPL, LGPL and MPL. See the file COPYING   // for more information.   // - // $Id: master.pike.in,v 1.338 2004/03/22 22:35:27 mast Exp $ + // $Id: master.pike.in,v 1.339 2004/03/24 10:10:50 anders Exp $      #pike __REAL_VERSION__   //#pragma strict_types      // Some programs destroys character pairs beginning with the currency   // symbol when running in chinese locale.   #if "ยค/" != "\244/"   #error "master.pike.in is corrupted."   #endif   
pike.git/lib/master.pike.in:4095:    // This is necessary for compatibility with 7.2 encoded values:    // If an object was fed to encode_value there and there was no    // codec then a zero would be encoded silently since the failed    // call to nameof was ignored. decode_value would likewise    // silently ignore the failed call objectof(0) and a zero would    // be decoded. Now we supply a fairly capable codec which is    // used by default and we therefore get these objectof(0) calls    // here. So if we throw an error we can't decode values which    // 7.2 would encode and decode without a codec (albeit partly    // incorrectly). So just print a sulky warning and continue.. :P -  werror ("Warning: Decoded broken object identifier to zero.\n"); +  DEC_MSG ("Warning: Decoded broken object identifier to zero.\n");    DEC_RETURN (0);    }    DEC_RETURN ([object] thingof (what));    }       function functionof (string|array what)    {    DEC_MSG ("functionof (%O)\n", what);    DEC_RETURN ([function] thingof (what));    }