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pike.git/lib/master.pike.in:1724:    "add_include_path",    "remove_include_path",    "add_module_path",    "remove_module_path",    "add_program_path",    "remove_program_path",    "describe_backtrace",    "describe_error",    "get_backtrace",    "normalize_path", -  "bool", +     "true",    "false",    "getenv",    "putenv",      #ifdef GETCWD_CACHE    "cd",    "getcwd",   #endif   });
pike.git/lib/master.pike.in:1750:      //! Prefix for autodoc files.   string doc_prefix;      //! Flags suitable for use when compiling Pike C modules   string cflags;      //! Flags suitable for use when linking Pike C modules   string ldflags; // Not yet used    - //! @decl int strlen(string|multiset|array|mapping|object thing) - //! @appears strlen - //! Alias for @[sizeof]. - //! @deprecated sizeof +       //! @decl int write(string fmt, mixed ... args)   //! @appears write   //! Writes a string on stdout. Works just like @[Stdio.File.write]   //! on @[Stdio.stdout].      //! @decl int werror(string fmt, mixed ... args)   //! @appears werror   //! Writes a string on stderr. Works just like @[Stdio.File.write]   //! on @[Stdio.stderr].
pike.git/lib/master.pike.in:1775:   /* Note that create is called before add_precompiled_program    */   protected void create()   {    foreach(master_efuns, string e)    if (has_index(this, e))    add_constant(e, this[e]);    else    error("Function %O is missing from master.pike.\n", e);    +  + // This gives the type int(1..1)|zero, which is more close to reality + // than the enum type (aka int(1..1)) + // + // doing the add_constant on the typeof directly gives int(1..1) + // instead, since the same "optimization" of the type is done in that + // case. +  typeof(0)|typeof(1) _bool_type; +  add_constant("bool",typeof(_bool_type)); +     add_constant("__dirnode", dirnode);    add_constant("__joinnode", joinnode);       add_constant("write", write);    add_constant("werror", werror);    // To make it possible to overload get_dir and file_stat later on.    // It's not possible to replace efuns with normal functions in .o-files       add_constant("get_dir", high_master_get_dir );    add_constant("file_stat", lambda( string f, int|void d ) { return file_stat(f,d);} );
pike.git/lib/master.pike.in:1830:   #endif      #if constant(__embedded_resource_directory)    // for use with embedded interpreters    // add path for architecture-dependant files    add_include_path(__embedded_resource_directory + "/lib/include");    add_module_path(__embedded_resource_directory + "/lib/modules");    add_module_path(__embedded_resource_directory + "/" + replace(uname()->machine, " ", "_") + "/modules");      #endif -  +     system_module_path=pike_module_path;   }         //! This function is called whenever a inherit is called for.   //! It is supposed to return the program to inherit.   //! The first argument is the argument given to inherit, and the second   //! is the file name of the program currently compiling. Note that the   //! file name can be changed with #line, or set by compile_string, so   //! it can not be 100% trusted to be a filename.