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pike.git/lib/master.pike.in:2231:   {    foreach(master_efuns, string e)    if (!zero_type(this[e]))    add_constant(e, this[e]);    else    error("Function %O is missing from master.pike.\n", e);       add_constant("__dirnode", dirnode);    add_constant("__joinnode", joinnode);    -  add_constant("strlen", sizeof); +     add_constant("write", write);    add_constant("werror", werror);    // To make it possible to overload get_dir and file_stat later on.    // It's not possible to replace efuns with normal functions in .o-files       add_constant("get_dir", master_get_dir );    add_constant("file_stat", lambda( string f, int|void d ) { return file_stat(f,d);} );      #define CO(X) add_constant(#X,Builtin.__backend->X)    CO(call_out);