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pike.git/lib/modules/ADT.pmod/Table.pmod:47:    }       //! This method returns a table object from a binary string    //! representation of a table, as returned by @[encode()].    object decode(string s)    {    mapping m = decode_value(s);    return copy(m->table, m->fields, m->types);    }    -  mixed cast(string type) +  protected mixed cast(string type)    {    switch(type) {    case "array":    return copy_value(table);    case "string":    return ASCII->encode(this);    } -  +  return UNDEFINED;    }       //! This method returns the column names for the table. The case used when    //! the table was created will be returned.    array(string) _indices()    {    return copy_value(fields);    }       //! This method returns the contents of a table as a two dimensional array.