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pike.git/lib/modules/Cache.pmod/Storage.pmod/MySQL.pike:75:    debug("lazy-decoding data");    _data=decode_value(db_data);    db_data=0;    return _data;    }   }   //does MySQL support multiple outstanding resultsets?   //we'll know now.   //Notice: this will fail miserably with Sybase, for instance.   //Notice: can and will throw exceptions if anything fails. - private object(Sql.sql_result) enum_result; + private object(Sql.Result) enum_result;   int(0..0)|string first() {    debug("first()");    if (enum_result)    destruct(enum_result);    enum_result=db->big_query("select cachekey from cache");    return next();   }      int(0..0)|string next() {    debug("next()");