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pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Coptic.pmod:11:   //! are different then other the emacs calendar;   //! I do not know which ones are used - the difference   //! seem to be only the transcription of the phonetic sounds   //! (B &lt;-&gt; P, etc).   //!   //! I do not know for how long back the calendar is valid,   //! either. My sources claim that the calendar is synchronized   //! with the <ref>Gregorian</ref> calendar, which is odd.   //!    - #pike __VERSION__ + #pike __REAL_VERSION__      import ".";   // inherit some rules from Gregorian, like week numbering   inherit Gregorian:Gregorian;      string calendar_name() { return "Coptic"; }      private static mixed __initstuff=lambda()   {    f_week_day_shortname_from_number="gregorian_week_day_shortname_from_number";