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pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Event.pmod:142:   //! These methods are implemented, using the   //! virtual method <ref>scan_jd</ref>.   //! see also: Event   //!   //! method int scan_jd(Calendar realm,int jd,int(-1..-1)||int(1..1) direction)   //! These methods has to be defined, and is what   //! really does some work. It should return the next or previos   //! julian day (&gt;<i>jd</i>) when the event occurs,   //! or the constant <tt>NODAY</tt> if it doesn't.   //! - //! <i>direction</I> <tt>1</tt> is forward (next), + //! <i>direction</i> <tt>1</tt> is forward (next),   //! <tt>-1</tt> is backward (previous).      class Day_Event   {    inherit Event;       constant is_day_event=1;    constant NODAY=-1;       int nd=1;