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pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:42:    }       string _sprintf(int t)    { return (t!='O')?0:sprintf("Event index(%O)",base); }   }      #if 1      mapping(string:SuperEvent) made_countries=([]);    - Event country(string name) + SuperEvent country(string name)   {    if (made_countries[name]) return made_countries[name];       array z=country_events[name];    if (!z) return 0;       array(Event) ze=({});    mapping(Event:multiset(string)) zf=([]);   // reuse those multisets    mapping(string:multiset) flags=(["":0,"h":(<"h">),"f":(<"f">)]);
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:113:    ({Easter_Relative,NAME,OFFSET})      #define ORTH_EASTER_REL(NAME,OFFSET) \    ({Orthodox_Easter_Relative,NAME,OFFSET})      #define J_FIXED(NAME,MD,MN) \    ({Julian_Fixed,NAME,MD,MN})   #define J_FIX_M(NAME,MD,MN,N) \    ({Julian_Fixed,NAME,MD,MN,N})    + #define DUMMY ({NullEvent}) +    constant events=([   // ----------------------------------------------------------------   // standard    "monday": ({Weekday,1}),    "tuesday": ({Weekday,2}),    "wednesday": ({Weekday,3}),    "thursday": ({Weekday,4}),    "friday": ({Weekday,5}),    "saturday": ({Weekday,6}),    "sunday": ({Weekday,7}),      // ----------------------------------------------------------------------   // global events   // ----------------------------------------------------------------------       "new year": FIXED("New Year's Day", 1, 1), -  +  "new year 2d": FIX_M("New Year", 1, 1, 2),    "unity": FIXED("Unity Day", 22, 2),    "womens": FIXED("Int. Women's Day", 8, 3),    "arab league": FIXED("Arab League Day", 22, 3),    "anzac": FIXED("ANZAC Day", 25, 4),    "labor": FIXED("Labor Day", 1, 5), -  +  "labor 2": FIXED("2nd day of Labor", 2, 5),    "may day": FIXED("May Day", 1, 5),    "africa": FIXED("Africa Day", 25, 5),    "perseid meteor shower":FIXED("Perseid Meteor Shower",11,8),    "columbus": FIXED("Columbus Day", 12,10),    "un": FIXED("UN Day", 24,10),    "halloween": FIXED("Halloween", 31,10),    "armistice": FIXED("Armistice Day", 11,11),    "family": FIXED("Family Day", 25,12),    "kwanzaa": FIXED("Kwanzaa", 26,12),    "new years eve": FIXED("New Year's Eve", 31,12),       "mardi gras": EASTER_REL("Mardi Gras",-47), -  +  "mardi gras 2": EASTER_REL("Mardi Gras",-46),       "mothers": DWDRI("Mother's Day", 1,5,7,2),    "fathers": DWDRI("Father's Day", 1,6,7,3),      // ----------------------------------------------------------------------   // religious events   // ----------------------------------------------------------------------      // common (catholic) christianity   
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:216:    FIXED("Feast of the Baptism of Christ",13,1),    "catholic church/christ the king":    DWDRI("Feast of Christ the King",1,10,7,-1),    "catholic church/gaurdian angles":    FIXED("Feast of the Gaurdian Angles",2,10),    "catholic church/transfiguration":FIXED("Transfiguration",6,8),      // orthodox      // I don't know which of these are/will be needed: -  "orhodox/circumcision": J_FIXED("Feast of the Circumcision",1,1), +  "orthodox/new year": J_FIXED("Orthodox New Year",1,1), +  "orthodox/circumcision": J_FIXED("Feast of the Circumcision",1,1),    "orthodox/epiphany": J_FIXED("Epiphany", 6, 1),    "orthodox/presentation": J_FIXED("Presentation", 2, 2),    "orthodox/candlemas": J_FIXED("Candlemas", 2, 2),    "orthodox/annunciation": J_FIXED("Annunciation", 25, 3),    "orthodox/transfiguration": J_FIXED("Transfiguration", 6, 8),    "orthodox/assumption": J_FIXED("Assumption Day", 15, 8),    "orthodox/nativity of mary": J_FIXED("Nativity of Mary",8, 9),    "orthodox/immaculate conception":J_FIXED("Immaculate Conception",8,12),    "orthodox/christmas eve": J_FIXED("Christmas Eve", 24,12),    "orthodox/christmas": J_FIXED("Christmas Day", 25,12),
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:262:    "bahai/birth of bab": FIXED("Birth of Bab",20,10),    "bahai/birth of bahaullah": FIXED("Birth of Baha'u'llah",12,11),    "bahai/day of the covenant": FIXED("Day of the Covenant",27,11),    "bahai/declaration of bab": FIXED("Declaration of B\341b",23,5),    "bahai/festival of ridvan": FIXED("Festival of Ridv\341n",21,4),    "bahai/martyrdom of bab": FIXED("Martyrdom of Bab",9,7),    "bahai/naw-ruz": FIXED("Naw-R\372z",21,3),      // temporary    "saints/basil": FIXED("St. Basil",1,1), +  "saints/mary mother":FIXED("Mary, Mother of God",1,1),    "saints/devote": FIXED("St. Devote",27,1),    "saints/blaise": FIXED("St. Blaise",3,2),    "saints/valentine": FIXED("St. Valentine",14,2), -  +  "saints/joseph": FIXED("St. Joseph",19,3), +  "saints/joseph the worker":FIXED("St. Joseph the Worker",1,5),    "saints/john the baptist": FIXED("St. John the Baptist",24,6),    "saints/peter": FIXED("St. Peter",29,6),    "saints/paul": FIXED("St. Paul",29,6), -  +  "saints/cyril & methodius":FIXED("St Cyril & Methodius",5,7),    "saints/demetrios": FIXED("St. Demetrios",26,10),    "saints/lucy": FIXED("St. Lucy",13,12),    "saints/stephen": FIXED("St. Stephen",26,12), // aka boxing day    "saints/patrick": FIXED("St. Patrick",17,3),    "saints/david": FIXED("St. David",1,3),      // ---------------------------------------------------------------------   // historic and political   // ---------------------------------------------------------------------   
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:338:    DWDRI("August Bank Holiday",1,8,1,1),    "british commonwealth/empire":FIXED("Empire Day",24,5),    "british commonwealth/prince of wales":    FIXED("Prince of Wales' Birthday",14,11),    "british commonwealth/queens":FIXED("Queen's Birthday",4,6),       "caribbean/caricom": DWDRI("CARICOM Day",1,7,1,1),    "caribbean/emancipation": DWDRI("Emancipation Day",1,8,1,1),    "caribbean/schoelcher": FIXED("Schoelcher Day",21,7),    + // chinese calendar +  +  "chinese/new year": DUMMY, +    // ----------------------------------------------------------------   // verified   // ----------------------------------------------------------------       "argentina/revolution": FIXED("Revolution Anniversary",25,5),    "argentina/soberanys": FIXED("Soberany's Day",10,6),    "argentina/flag": FIXED("Flag's Day",20,6),    "argentina/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",9,7),    "argentina/gral san martin": FIXED("Gral San Martín decease",17,8),    "argentina/race": FIXED("Race's Day",12,10),
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:413:       "angola/armed forces": FIXED("Armed Forces Day",1,8),    "angola/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",11,11),    "angola/mpla foundation": FIXED("MPLA Foundation Day",10,12),    "angola/national heros": FIXED("National Hero's Day",17,9),    "angola/national holiday": FIXED("National Holiday",4,2),    "angola/pioneers": FIXED("Pioneers' Day",1,12),    "angola/victory": FIXED("Victory Day",27,3),    "angola/workers": FIXED("Workers' Day",1,5),    "angola/youth": FIXED("Youth Day",14,4), +  "angola/martyrs":FIXED("Day of Martyrs of the Colonial Repression",4,1),       "anguilla/anguilla": FIXED("Anguilla Day",1,6),       "antigua and barbuda/independence":FIXED("Independence Day",1,11),       "armenia/christmas": FIXED("Christmas",6,1),    "armenia/martyrs": FIXED("Martyrs' Day",24,4),    "armenia/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",28,5),       "aruba/aruba flag": FIXED("Aruba Flag Day",18,3),
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:652:    "cyprus/submersion of the holy cross":    FIXED("Feast of the Submersion of the Holy Cross",6,1),    "cyprus/communal resistance": FIXED("Communal Resistance Day",1,8),    "cyprus/greek national": FIXED("Greek National Day",28,10),    "cyprus/name day": FIXED("Name Day",19,1),       "czech republic/death of jan hus":FIXED("Death of Jan Hus",6,7),    "czech republic/introduction of christianity":    FIXED("Introduction of Christianity",5,7),    -  "czechoslovakia/resistance movement":FIXED("Resistance Movement Day",11,4), - // "czechoslovakia/teachers": , -  +     "denmark/birthday of queen margrethe ii":    FIXED("Birthday of Queen Margrethe II",16,4),    "denmark/common prayer": EASTER_REL("Common Prayer Day",26),    "denmark/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",5,6),    "denmark/fjortende februar": FIXED("Fjortende Februar",14,2),    "denmark/liberation": FIXED("Liberation Day",5,5),   // "denmark/public holidays": ,    "denmark/valdemars": FIXED("Valdemar's Day",15,6),       "djibouti/independence feast":FIXED("Independence Feast Day",27,6),
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:737:       "finland/alexis kivi": FIXED("Alexis Kivi Day",10,10),    "finland/flag": FIXED("Flag Day",4,6),    "finland/flag of the army": FIXED("Flag Day of the Army",19,5),   // "finland/helsinki": ,    "finland/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",6,12),    "finland/kalevala": FIXED("Kalevala Day",28,2),   // "finland/midsummers eve": WDREL("Midsummer's Eve","midsummers",5,-1),    "finland/runebergs": FIXED("Runeberg's Day",5,2),    "finland/snellman": FIXED("Snellman Day",12,5), -  "finland/vappu": FIXED("Vappu Day",1,5), +     "finland/all saints": DWDRI("All Saints Day",1,11,6,1),    "finland/midsummers eve": DWDRI("Midsummer's Eve",24,6,5,0),    "finland/midsummer": DWDRI("Midsummer's Day",25,6,6,0),       "france/ascension": FIXED("Ascension Day",12,5),    "france/bastille": FIXED("Bastille Day",14,7),    "france/d-day observance": FIXED("D-Day Observance",6,6),    "france/fathers": DWDRI("Father's Day",1,6,7,2),    "france/fete des saintes-maries":FIXED("F\352te des Saintes-Maries",24,5),    "france/fete nationale": FIXED("F\352te Nationale",22,9),
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:831:    "guinea-bissau/mocidade": FIXED("Mocidade Day",1,12),    "guinea-bissau/national": FIXED("National Day",12,9),    "guinea-bissau/national heroes":FIXED("National Heroes Day",20,1),    "guinea-bissau/readjustment movement":    FIXED("Readjustment Movement Day",14,11),       "guyana/freedom": FIXED("Freedom Day",1,8),    "guyana/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",26,5),    "guyana/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",23,2),    +  "haiti/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",1,1), +  "haiti/ancestry": FIXED("Ancestry Day",2,1), +  "haiti/toussaint": FIXED("Toussain L'Ouverture Day",7,4), +  "haiti/pan american": FIXED("Pan-American Day",14,4), +  "haiti/labor": FIXED("Agriculture and Labor Day",1,5), +  "haiti/flag": FIXED("Flag & University Day",18,5), +  "haiti/sovereignty": FIXED("National Sovereignty",22,5), +  "haiti/agwe": FIXED("Day of Agwe",4,7), +  "haiti/papa ogou": FIXED("Day of Papa Ogou",25,7), +  "haiti/dessalines": FIXED("Dessalines Day",17,10),    "haiti/discovery": FIXED("Discovery Day",5,12),    "haiti/vertieres": FIXED("Verti\350res Day",18,11),       "honduras/armed forces": FIXED("Armed Forces Day",21,10),    "honduras/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",15,9),    "honduras/morazan": FIXED("Moraz\341n Day",3,10),    "honduras/pan american": FIXED("Pan American Day",14,4),    "honduras/thanksgiving": FIXED("Thanksgiving Day",15,3),       "hong kong/birthday of confucious":FIXED("Birthday of Confucious",22,9),
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:947:    "japan/shigoto hajime": FIXED("Shigoto Hajime",2,1),    "japan/tanabata": FIXED("Tanabata",7,7),    "japan/tango-no-sekku": FIXED("Tango-no-sekku",5,5),   // "japan/vernal equinox": [mar 20 or mar 21st],       "jordan/arbor": FIXED("Arbor Day",15,1),    "jordan/coronation": FIXED("Coronation Day",11,8),    "jordan/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",25,5),    "jordan/king hussein": FIXED("King Hussein Day",14,11),    +  "kazakhstan/nauryz meyrami": FIXED("Nauryz Meyrami",22,3), +  "kazakhstan/peoples unity": FIXED("People's Unity Day",1,5), +  "kazakhstan/victory": FIXED("Victory Day",9,5), +  "kazakhstan/national flag": FIXED("National Flag",24,8), +  "kazakhstan/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",30,8), +  "kazakhstan/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",25,10), +  "kazakhstan/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",16,12), +     "kenya/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",12,12),    "kenya/kenyatta": FIXED("Kenyatta Day",20,10),    "kenya/madaraka": FIXED("Madaraka Day",1,6),       "kiribati/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",12,7),    "kiribati/youth": FIXED("Youth Day",4,8),    -  "korea/independence movement":FIXED("Independence Movement Day",1,3), +  "south korea/folklore": FIXED("Folklore Day",3,2), +  "south korea/taeborum": FIX_M("Taeborum",20,2,3), +  "south korea/independence": FIXED("Independence Movement Day",1,3), +  "south korea/labor": FIXED("Labor Day",10,3), +  "south korea/arbor": FIXED("Arbor Day",5,4), +  "south korea/childrens": FIXED("Children's Day",5,5), +  "south korea/buddha": FIXED("Buddha's Birthday",22,5), +  "south korea/memorial": FIXED("Memorial Day",6,6), +  "south korea/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",17,7), +  "south korea/liberation": FIXED("Liberation Day",15,8), +  "south korea/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",15,8), +  "south korea/thanksgiving": FIX_M("Thanksgiving",20,9,3), +  "south korea/armed forces": FIXED("Armed Forces Day",1,10), +  "south korea/foundation": FIXED("Foundation Day",3,10), +  "south korea/alphabet": FIXED("Alphabet Day",9,10),       "kuwait/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",19,6),    "kuwait/national": FIXED("National Day",25,2),      // "laos/army": occurs around March 24,    "laos/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",11,5),    "laos/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",19,7),    "laos/memorial": FIXED("Memorial Day",15,8),    "laos/pathet lao": FIXED("Pathet Lao Day",6,1),    "laos/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",2,12),
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:1010:    FIXED("Expulsion of the Fascist Settlers Day",7,10),    "libya/kings": FIXED("King's Birthday",12,3),    "libya/national": FIXED("National Day",1,9),    "libya/revolution": FIXED("Revolution Day",1,9),    "libya/sanusi army": FIXED("Sanusi Army Day",9,8),   // "libya/troop withdrawal": near June 30,       "liechtenstein/birthday of prince franz-josef ii":    FIXED("Birthday of Prince Franz-Josef II",16,8),    "liechtenstein/national": FIXED("National Day",15,8), +  "liechtenstein/bank holiday": FIXED("Bank Holiday",2,1),       "lithuania/coronation": FIXED("Coronation Day",6,7),    "lithuania/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",16,2),    "lithuania/mourning": FIXED("Mourning",1,11),       "luxembourg/burgsonndeg": FIXED("Burgsonndeg",28,2),    "luxembourg/grand duchess": FIXED("Grand Duchess' Birthday",23,1),    "luxembourg/liberation": FIXED("Liberation Day",9,9),    "luxembourg/national": FIXED("National Day",23,6),   
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:1151:    "netherlands/queens": FIXED("Queen's Day",30,4),    "netherlands/sinterklaas": FIXED("Sinterklaas",6,12),       "netherlands antilles/bonaire":FIXED("Bonaire Day",6,9),    "netherlands antilles/cura\347ao":FIXED("Cura\347ao Day",2,7),    "netherlands antilles/queens":FIXED("Queen's Birthday",30,4),    "netherlands antilles/saba": FIXED("Saba Day",6,12),    "netherlands antilles/saint eustatius":FIXED("St Eustatius Day",16,11),    "netherlands antilles/saint maarten":FIXED("St Maarten Day",11,11),    +  "new caledonia/bridge": FIXED("Bridge Day",2,1), +     "new zealand/labor": DWDR("Labor Day",1,11,1,-1),    "new zealand/queens": FIXED("Queen's Birthday",4,6),    "new zealand/waitangi": FIXED("Waitangi Day",6,2),       "nicaragua/air force": FIXED("Air Force Day",1,2),    "nicaragua/army": FIXED("Army Day",27,5),    "nicaragua/fiesta": FIXED("Fiesta Day",1,8),    "nicaragua/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",15,9),    "nicaragua/revolution": FIXED("Revolution Day",19,7),    "nicaragua/san jacinto": FIXED("San Jacinto Day",14,9),
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:1175:       "nigeria/childrens": FIXED("Children's Day",27,5),    "nigeria/harvest festival": FIXED("Harvest Festival",12,10),    "nigeria/national": FIXED("National Day",1,10),   // "nigeria/odum titun": occurs in the winter,   // "nigeria/odun kekere": occurs at the end of Ramadan,       "northern mariana islands/commonwealth":FIXED("Commonwealth Day",3,1),    "northern mariana islands/presidents":FIXED("Presidents Day",13,2),    +  "north korea/kim jong-il": FIXED("Kim Jong-il's Birthday",16,2), +  "north korea/kim il-sun": FIXED("Kim Il-Sun's Birthday",15,4), +  "north korea/armed forces": FIXED("Armed Forces Day",25,4), +  "north korea/chilsok": FIXED("Ch'ilsok",28,7), +  "north korea/liberation": FIXED("Anniversary of Liberation",15,8), +  "north korea/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",9,9), +  "north korea/party foundation":FIXED("Party Foundation Day",10,10), +  "north kroea/constutution": FIXED("Anniversary of the Constitution",27,12), +     "norway/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",17,5),    "norway/olsok eve festival": FIXED("Olsok Eve Festival",29,7),    "norway/tyvendedagen": FIXED("Tyvendedagen",13,1),       "oman/national": FIXED("National Day",23,7),    "oman/national of oman": FIXED("National Day of Oman",18,11),    "oman/national2": FIXED("National Day",18,11),    "oman/sultans": FIXED("Sultan's Birthday",19,11),       "pakistan/birthday of quaid-i-azam":FIXED("Birthday of Quaid-i-Azam",25,12),
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:1274:    "romania/liberation": FIXED("Liberation Day",23,8),    "romania/national": FIXED("National Day",1,12),    "romania/public holiday": FIX_M("Public Holiday",23,8,2),       "rwanda/armed forces": FIXED("Armed Forces Day",26,10),    "rwanda/democracy": FIXED("Democracy Day",28,1),    "rwanda/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",1,7),    "rwanda/kamarampaka": FIXED("Kamarampaka Day",25,9),    "rwanda/peace and unity": FIXED("Peace and Unity Day",5,7),    -  "saint kitts and nevis/carnival":FIXED("Carnival",31,12), +  "saint kitts and nevis/carnival":FIX_M("Carnival",31,12,3),    "saint kitts and nevis/independence":FIXED("Independence Day",19,9),    "saint kitts and nevis/prince of wales":    FIXED("Prince of Wales' Birthday",14,11),       "saint lucia/discovery": FIXED("Discovery Day",13,12),    "saint lucia/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",22,2),    "saint lucia/thanksgiving": DWDRI("Thanksgiving Day",1,10,1,1),       "saint vincent and the grenadines/independence":    FIXED("Independence Day",27,10),
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:1327:      // "singapore/birthday of the monkey god":   // occurs in February and September/October,   // "singapore/birthday of the saint of the poor":occurs in March,    "singapore/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",16,9),    "singapore/labor": FIXED("Labour Day",1,5),   // "singapore/mooncake festival":occurs in September,    "singapore/national holiday": FIXED("National Holiday",9,8),   // "singapore/vesak": occurs in May,    +  "slovakia/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",1,1), +  "slovakia/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",1,9),    "slovakia/day of the slav apostles":FIXED("Day of the Slav Apostles",5,7),    "slovakia/liberation": FIXED("Liberation Day",8,5),    "slovakia/reconciliation": FIXED("Reconciliation Day",1,11),    "slovakia/slovak national uprising":    FIXED("Slovak National Uprising Day",29,8),    -  +  "slovenia/culture": FIXED("Culture Day",8,2), +  "slovenia/national resistance":FIXED("National Resistance Day",27,4), +  "slovenia/national": FIXED("National Day",25,6), +  "slovenia/peoples uprising": FIXED("People's Uprising",25,7), +  "slovenia/reformation": FIXED("Reformation Day",31,10), +  "slovenia/remembrance": FIXED("Remembrance Day",1,11), +  "slovenia/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",26,12), +     "solomon islands/independence":FIXED("Independence Day",7,7),       "somalia/foundation of the republic":    FIXED("Foundation of the Republic Day",1,7),    "somalia/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",26,6),    "somalia/revolution": FIX_M("Revolution Anniversary",21,10,2),       "south africa/day of the vow":FIXED("Day of the Vow",16,12),    "south africa/family": DWDRI("Family Day",1,7,1,2),    "south africa/kruger": FIXED("Kruger Day",10,10),    "south africa/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",31,5),    "south africa/settlers": DWDRI("Settlers' Day",1,9,1,1),    "south africa/van riebeeck": FIXED("Van Riebeeck Day",6,4),    "south africa/workers": FIXED("Workers' Day",1,5),       "soviet union/anniversary of the october socialist revolution":    FIX_M("Anniversary of the October Socialist Revolution",7,11,2),    "soviet union/victory": FIXED("Victory Day",9,5),    -  +  "spain/dia de la toma": FIXED("Dia de la Toma",5,1),    "spain/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",6,12),    "spain/fiesta de san fermin": FIXED("Fiesta de San Fermin",7,7),    "spain/fiesta del arbol": FIXED("Fiesta del Arbol",26,3),    "spain/grenada": FIXED("Grenada Day",2,1),    "spain/hispanidad": FIXED("Hispanidad Day",12,10),    "spain/king juan carlos saints":FIXED("King Juan Carlos' Saint's Day",24,6),    "spain/labor": FIXED("Labor Day",18,7),    "spain/national": FIXED("National Day",12,10),    "spain/national holiday of spain":FIXED("National Holiday of Spain",12,10),    "spain/queen isabella": FIXED("Queen Isabella Day",22,4),
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:1521:       "ukraine/taras shevchenko": FIXED("Taras Shevchenko Day",9,3),    "ukraine/ukrainian": FIXED("Ukrainian Day",22,1),    "ukraine/ukrainian independence":FIXED("Ukrainian Independence Day",24,8),    "ukraine/victory": FIXED("Victory Day",9,3),       "united arab emirates/accession of the ruler of abu dhabi":    FIXED("Accession of the Ruler of Abu Dhabi",6,8),    "united arab emirates/national":FIXED("National Day",2,12),    +  "uruguay/childrens": FIXED("Chilren's Day",5,1),    "uruguay/artigas": FIXED("Artigas Day",19,6),    "uruguay/battle of las piedras":FIXED("Battle of Las Piedras",18,5),    "uruguay/blessing of the waters":FIXED("Blessing of the Waters",8,12),    "uruguay/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",18,7),    "uruguay/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",25,8),    "uruguay/landing of the 33 patriots":    FIXED("Landing of the 33 Patriots Day",19,4),       "united kingdom/bannockburn": FIXED("Bannockburn Day",24,6),    "united kingdom/battle of britain":FIXED("Battle of Britain Day",15,9),
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:1577:    "us/kosciuszko": FIXED("Kosciuszko Day",4,2),    "us/labor": DWDRI("Labor Day",1,9,1,1),    "us/lincolns": FIXED("Lincoln's Birthday",12,2),    "us/martin luther king": FIXED("Martin Luther King Day",15,1),    "us/memorial": DWDRI("Memorial Day",30,5,1,-1),    "us/national freedom": FIXED("National Freedom Day",1,2),    "us/navy": FIXED("Navy Day",27,10),    "us/patriots": DWDRI("Patriot's Day",1,4,1,3),    "us/robert e lee": FIXED("Robert E. Lee Day",19,1),    "us/thomas jeffersons": FIXED("Thomas Jefferson's Birthday",13,4), +  "us/twelfth night": FIXED("Twelfth Night",5,1), +  "us/trivia": FIXED("Trivia Day",4,1),    "us/veterans": FIXED("Veteran's Day",11,11),    "us/vietnam": FIXED("Vietnam Day",27,1),    "us/washingtons": DWDRI("Washington's Birthday",1,2,1,3),    "us/washington": DWDRI("Washington Day",1,2,1,3),    "us/washington-lincoln": DWDRI("Washington-Lincoln Day",1,2,1,3),    "us/presidents": DWDRI("Presidents Day",1,2,1,3),    "us/womens equality": FIXED("Women's Equality Day",26,8),    "us/thanksgiving": DWDRI("Thanksgiving Day",1,11,4,4),    "us/day after thanksgiving": DWDRI("Day after Thanksgiving Day",2,11,5,4),   
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:1807:       "us/virginia/cape henry": FIXED("Cape Henry Day",26,4),    "us/virginia/confederate memorial":FIXED("Confederate Memorial Day",30,5),    "us/virginia/crater": FIXED("Crater Day",30,7),   // "virginia/jack jouett": occurs in June,    "us/virginia/jamestown": FIXED("Jamestown Day",13,5),    "us/virginia/lee-jackson": DWDRI("Lee-Jackson Day",1,1,1,3),    "us/virginia/royalist fast": FIXED("Royalist Fast Day",30,1),    "us/virginia/virginia ratification":FIXED("Virginia Ratification Day",25,6),    -  "us/washington/washington admission":FIXED("Washington Admission Day",11,11), +  "us/washington/washington admission": +  FIXED("Washington Admission Day",11,11),       "us/washington dc/arbor": DWDRI("Arbor Day",1,4,5,3),       "us/west virginia/west virginia":FIXED("West Virginia Day",20,6),       "us/wisconsin/primary election": DWDRI("Primary Election Day",1,9,2,1),    "us/wisconsin/wisconsin": FIXED("Wisconsin Day",29,5),       "us/wyoming/arbor": DWDR("Arbor Day",1,5,1,-1),    "us/wyoming/primary election": DWDRI("Primary Election Day",1,9,2,2),    "us/wyoming/wyoming": FIXED("Wyoming Day",10,12),    "us/wyoming/wyoming statehood": FIXED("Wyoming Statehood Day",10,7),       "vanuatu/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",5,10),    "vanuatu/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",30,7),    -  +  "vatican city/world peace": FIXED("World Peace Day",1,1), +  "vatican city/lateranensi pacts": +  FIXED("Anniversary of Lateranensi Pacts",11,2), +  "vatican city/pope election": +  FIXED("Anniversary of the Pope's election",16,10), +  +     "vatican city/anniversary of the beginning of the john paul ii pontificate":    FIXED("Anniversary of the Beginning of the John Paul II Pontificate",22,10),    "vatican city/john paul ii namesday":FIXED("John Paul II Namesday",4,11),       "venezuela/battle of carabobo":FIXED("Battle of Carabobo Day",24,6),    "venezuela/bolivars": FIXED("Bolivar's Birthday",24,7),    "venezuela/civil servants": FIXED("Civil Servants' Day",4,9),    "venezuela/declaration of independence":    FIXED("Declaration of Independence",19,4),    "venezuela/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",5,7),
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:1865:    "virgin islands/transfer": DWDR("Transfer Day",1,4,1,-1),       "western samoa/arbor": DWDRI("Arbor Day",1,11,5,1),    "western samoa/independence": FIXED("Independence Celebration Day",1,6),    "western samoa/independence2":FIX_M("Independence Celebration",1,6,3),    "western samoa/white sunday": DWDRI("White Sunday",1,10,7,2),       "yemen/corrective movement": FIXED("Corrective Movement Anniversary",13,6),    "yemen/national": FIXED("National Day",14,10),    +  "yugoslavia/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day (Serbia)",28,3), +  "yugoslavia/national": FIXED("National Day",27,4), +  "yugoslavia/victory": FIXED("Victory Day",9,5), +  "yugoslavia/freedom fighters":FIXED("Freedom Fighters' Day",4,7), +  "yugoslavia/freedom serbia": FIXED("Freedom Rising Day (Serbia)",7,7), +  "yugoslavia/freedom montenegro": +  FIXED("Freedom Rising Day (Montenegro)",14,7), +  "yugoslavia/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",29,11), +     "zaire/armed forces": FIXED("Armed Forces Day",17,11),    "zaire/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",24,6),    "zaire/day of the martyrs for independence":    FIXED("Day of the Martyrs for Independence",4,1),    "zaire/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",30,6),    "zaire/mpr": FIXED("MPR Day",20,5),    "zaire/naming": FIXED("Naming Day",27,10),    "zaire/new regime": FIXED("New Regime Day",24,11),    "zaire/parents": FIXED("Parent's Day",1,8),    "zaire/presidents": FIXED("President's Day",14,10),
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:2058:    "afghanistan/mothers",    "afghanistan/national assembly",    "afghanistan/revolution",    "afghanistan/workers" }),       "albania":    ({ "albania/army",    "albania/independence",    "albania/liberation",    "albania/proclamation of the republic", -  "new year", +  "new year 2d",    "womens" }),       "algeria":    // "ashora" ?    // "first of ramadan" ?    // "id al-adha" ?    // "id al-fitr" ?    // "islamic new year" ?    // "leilat al-meiraj" ?    // "mouloud" ?
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:2089:    ({ "+us",    "american samoa/flag",    "c/christmas",    "labor",    "new year" }),       "andorra":    ({ "andorra/national feast",    "c/boxing",    "c/christmas", +  "c/epiphany",    "c/easter monday",    "c/good friday",    "new year" }),       "anglican church":    ({ "anglican church/name of jesus" }),       "angola":    // "yet are generally treated as public holidays these are youth" ?    ({ "angola/armed forces",    "angola/independence",    "angola/mpla foundation",    "angola/national heros",    "angola/national holiday",    "angola/pioneers",    "angola/victory",    "angola/workers",    "angola/youth", -  +  "angola/martyrs",    "family",    "new year" }),       "anguilla":    // "august monday" ?    // "august thursday" ?    // "constitution" ?    // "queens official" ?    // "separation" ?    // "spring bank holiday" ?
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:2435:    // "national holidays" ?    ({ "bulgaria/babin den",    "bulgaria/botev",    "bulgaria/education",    "bulgaria/liberation",    "bulgaria/national",    "bulgaria/national holiday",    "bulgaria/viticulturists",    "c/christmas",    "labor", -  "new year" }), +  "new year 2d" }),       "burkina faso":    // "id al-adha" ?    // "id al-fitr" ?    // "mouloud" ?    ({ "c/all saints",    "burkina faso/anniversary of 1966 coup",    "burkina faso/labor",    "burkina faso/national",    "burkina faso/republic",
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:2613:    // "mid-autumn festival" ?    // "qing ming" ?    // "seventh eve" ?    ({ "china/ccps",    "china/childrens",    "china/national",    "china/teachers",    "china/tree planting",    "china/youth",    "labor", -  "new year", +  "new year 2d",    "womens" }),       "columbia":    // "battle of boyacaday" ?    // "national holidays" ?    // "sacred heart" ?    // "saint josephs" ?    ({ "saints/paul",    "saints/peter",    "c/all saints",
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:2732:    "czech republic":    ({ "c/christmas",    "saints/stephen",    "c/christmas eve",    "c/easter monday",    "czech republic/death of jan hus",    "czech republic/introduction of christianity",    "labor",    "new year" }),    -  "czechoslovakia": -  // "czechoslovakia/teachers" ? -  ({ "czechoslovakia/resistance movement" }), -  +     "denmark":    // "denmark/public holidays" ?    ({ "denmark/birthday of queen margrethe ii",    "denmark/common prayer",    "denmark/constitution",    "denmark/fjortende februar",    "denmark/liberation",    "denmark/valdemars" }),       "djibouti":
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:2762:    "djibouti/independence feast",    "djibouti/workers",    "new year" }),       "dominica":    // "carnival" ?    ({ "c/christmas",    "c/easter monday",    "c/good friday",    "c/whitmonday", +  "c/epiphany",    "dominica/community service",    "dominica/emancipation",    "dominica/independence",    "labor",    "new year" }),       "ecuador":    // "battle of pichincha" ?    // "carnival" ?    // "cuenca independence" ?
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:2905:    "c/epiphany",    "c/pentecost eve",    "finland/alexis kivi",    "finland/flag",    "finland/flag of the army",    "finland/independence",    "finland/kalevala",    "finland/midsummers eve",    "finland/runebergs",    "finland/snellman", -  "finland/vappu", +     "finland/all saints",    "finland/midsummer",    "may day",    "new year" }),       "france":    ({ "c/all saints",    "armistice",    "c/all souls",    "c/ash wednesday",
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:2989:    // "germany/oktoberfest" ?    // "observed in certain l\344nder only epiphany" ?    ({ "c/all saints",    "c/ascension",    "c/assumption",    "c/christmas",    "c/corpus christi",    "c/easter monday",    "c/good friday",    "c/whitmonday", +  "c/epiphany",    "germany/day of repentance",    "germany/day of the workers",    "germany/foundation",    "germany/national",    "germany/unity",    "germany/waldchestag",    "labor",    "new year",    "unity" }),   
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:3154:    "c/christmas",    "c/easter monday",    "c/good friday",    "guyana/freedom",    "guyana/independence",    "guyana/republic",    "labor",    "new year" }),       "haiti": -  ({ "haiti/discovery", -  "haiti/vertieres" }), +  ({ "haiti/independence", +  "haiti/ancestry", +  "mardi gras", +  "mardi gras 2", +  "haiti/toussaint", +  "haiti/pan american", +  "c/good friday", +  "haiti/labor", +  "haiti/flag", +  "haiti/sovereignty", +  "c/corpus christi", +  "haiti/agwe", +  "haiti/papa ogou", +  "c/assumption", +  "haiti/dessalines", +  "un", +  "c/all saints", +  "c/all souls", +  "haiti/discovery", +  "haiti/vertieres", +  "c/christmas" }),       "honduras":    ({ "c/christmas",    "c/good friday",    "c/holy thursday",    "columbus",    "honduras/armed forces",    "honduras/independence",    "honduras/morazan",    "honduras/thanksgiving",
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:3259:    // "shavuot" ?    // "simhat torah" ?    // "succot" ?    // "yom kippur" ?    ({ "israel/balfour declaration",    "israel/jerusalem reunification" }),       "italy":    // "italy/saint marks" ?    ({ "c/christmas", +  "c/epiphany",    "italy/anniversary of the republic",    "italy/befana",    "italy/day of conciliation",    "italy/festa del redentore",    "italy/joust of the quintana",    "italy/liberation",    "italy/natale di roma",    "italy/palio del golfo",    "italy/santo stefano" }),   
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:3347:    // "id al-fitr" ?    // "islamic new year" ?    // "leilat al-meiraj" ?    // "mouloud" ?    ({ "arab league",    "jordan/arbor",    "jordan/coronation",    "jordan/independence",    "jordan/king hussein" }),    +  "kazakhstan": +  ({ "new year 2d", +  "womens", +  "kazakhstan/nauryz meyrami", +  "kazakhstan/peoples unity", +  "kazakhstan/victory", +  "kazakhstan/national flag", +  "kazakhstan/constitution", +  "kazakhstan/republic", +  "kazakhstan/independence"}), +     "kenya":    // "id al-fitr" ?    ({ "c/boxing",    "c/christmas",    "c/easter monday",    "c/good friday",    "kenya/independence",    "kenya/kenyatta",    "kenya/madaraka",    "labor",    "new year" }),       "kiribati":    ({ "c/christmas",    "c/easter",    "kiribati/independence",    "kiribati/youth",    "new year" }),    -  "korea": -  ({ "korea/independence movement" }), -  +     "kuwait":    // "id al-adha" ?    // "id al-fitr" ?    // "islamic new year" ?    // "leilat al-meiraj" ?    // "mouloud" ?    // "start of ramadan" ?    ({ "kuwait/independence",    "kuwait/national",    "new year" }),
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:3489:    "c/assumption",    "c/christmas",    "c/corpus christi",    "c/easter",    "c/good friday",    "c/immaculate conception",    "c/nativity of mary",    "c/whitmonday",    "c/epiphany",    "labor", +  "liechtenstein/bank holiday",    "liechtenstein/birthday of prince franz-josef ii",    "liechtenstein/national",    "new year" }),       "lithuania":    // "national of hope" ?    ({ "c/christmas",    "lithuania/coronation",    "lithuania/independence",    "lithuania/mourning",
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:3510:       "luxembourg":    ({ "c/all saints",    "c/boxing",    "c/christmas",    "c/easter monday",    "luxembourg/burgsonndeg",    "luxembourg/grand duchess",    "luxembourg/liberation",    "luxembourg/national", -  "new year" }), +  "new year 2d" }),       "macao":    // "chinese mid-autumn festival" ?    // "chinese new year" ?    // "ching ming" ?    // "dragon boat festival" ?    // "festival of ancestors" ?    // "macao/hungry ghosts" ?    // "national of china" ?    // "portugal" ?
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:3663:    // "id al-fitr" ?    // "maha shivaratree" ?    // "mauritius/Chinese Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)" ?    // "mauritius/Ougadi (Hindu)" ?    // "thaipusam" ?    ({ "c/all saints",    "c/christmas",    "c/good friday",    "labor",    "mauritius/independence", -  "new year" }), +  "new year 2d" }),       "mexico":    // "birthday of benito juarez easter" ?    // "but not public holidays" ?    // "christmas in addition" ?    // "mexico/Day of the Dead (All Souls' Day)" ?    // "widely celebrated" ?    ({ "c/christmas",    "labor",    "mexico/birthday of benito juarez",
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:3857:       "new caledonia":    // "bastille" ?    // "liberation" ?    ({ "armistice",    "c/ascension",    "c/christmas",    "c/easter monday",    "c/whitmonday",    "labor", -  "new year" }), +  "new year", +  "new caledonia/bridge", +  }),       "new zealand":    ({ "anzac",    "c/boxing",    "c/christmas",    "c/easter monday",    "c/good friday",    "labor", -  "new year", +  "new year 2d",    "new zealand/labor",    "new zealand/queens",    "new zealand/waitangi" }),       "nicaragua":    ({ "c/all souls",    "c/christmas",    "c/easter",    "c/holy friday",    "c/holy thursday",
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:3924:    "northern mariana islands":    // "memorial" ?    // "thanksgiving" ?    // "us independence" ?    ({ "c/christmas",    "labor",    "new year",    "northern mariana islands/commonwealth",    "northern mariana islands/presidents" }),    +  "north korea": +  ({"new year 2d", + // "north korea/lunar new year", +  "north korea/kim jong-il", +  "womens", +  "north korea/kim il-sun", +  "north korea/armed forces", +  "may day", +  "north korea/chilsok", +  "north korea/liberation", +  "north korea/independence", +  "north korea/party foundation", +  "north kroea/constutution"}), +     "norway":    ({ "c/ascension",    "c/christmas",    "c/easter monday",    "c/good friday",    "c/holy thursday",    "c/whitmonday",    "may day",    "new year",    "norway/constitution",
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:4116:    // "islamic new year" ?    // "leilat al-meiraj" ?    ({ "qatar/anniversary of the amirs accession",    "qatar/independence" }),       "romania":    ({ "c/christmas",    "c/easter monday",    "c/good friday",    "labor", -  "new year", +  "new year 2d",    "romania/liberation",    "romania/national",    "romania/public holiday" }),       "rwanda":    // "peace" ?    ({ "c/all saints",    "c/ascension",    "c/assumption",    "c/christmas",
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:4161:    // "carnival" ?    ({ "british commonwealth/august bank holiday",    "british commonwealth/queens",    "c/boxing",    "c/christmas",    "c/corpus christi",    "c/easter monday",    "c/good friday",    "c/whitmonday",    "labor", -  "new year", +  "new year 2d",    "saint lucia/discovery",    "saint lucia/independence",    "saint lucia/thanksgiving" }),    -  +  "saint pierre and miquelon": +  ({ "new year 2d", +  "mardi gras" }), +     "saint vincent and the grenadines":    // "carnival" ?    // "grenadines" ?    // "saint vincent" ?    ({ "c/boxing",    "c/christmas",    "c/easter monday",    "c/good friday",    "c/whitmonday",    "caribbean/caricom",
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:4244:    "senegal/independence" }),       "seychelles":    ({ "c/all saints",    "c/assumption",    "c/christmas",    "c/corpus christi",    "c/easter",    "c/immaculate conception",    "labor", -  "new year", +  "new year 2d",    "seychelles/independence",    "seychelles/liberation" }),       "sierra leone":    // "id al-adha" ?    // "id al-fitr" ?    // "mouloud" ?    ({ "c/boxing",    "c/christmas",    "c/easter monday",
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:4278:    // "singapore/vesak" ?    // "vesak" ?    ({ "c/christmas",    "c/good friday",    "new year",    "singapore/independence",    "singapore/labor",    "singapore/national holiday" }),       "slovakia": -  ({ "c/christmas", +  ({ "c/christmas eve", +  "c/christmas2d",    "c/easter monday", -  +  "c/all saints", +  "c/good friday", +  "c/epiphany", +  "saints/cyril & methodius",    "may day",    "new year", -  +  "slovakia/independence", +  "slovakia/constitution",    "slovakia/day of the slav apostles",    "slovakia/liberation",    "slovakia/reconciliation",    "slovakia/slovak national uprising" }),       "slovenia": -  ({ }), +  ({ "new year 2d", +  "slovenia/culture", +  "c/easter", +  "c/easter monday", +  "slovenia/national resistance", +  "labor", +  "labor 2", +  "c/pentecost", +  "slovenia/national", +  "slovenia/peoples uprising", +  "c/assumption", +  "slovenia/reformation", +  "c/all saints", +  "slovenia/remembrance", +  "c/christmas", +  "slovenia/independence",}),       "solomon islands":    ({ "british commonwealth/queens",    "c/boxing",    "c/christmas",    "c/easter monday",    "c/good friday",    "c/holy saturday",    "c/whitmonday",    "new year",
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:4327:    "c/good friday",    "new year",    "south africa/day of the vow",    "south africa/family",    "south africa/kruger",    "south africa/republic",    "south africa/settlers",    "south africa/van riebeeck",    "south africa/workers" }),    +  "south korea": +  ({ "new year 2d", +  "south korea/folklore", +  "chinese/new year", +  "south korea/taeborum", +  "south korea/independence", +  "south korea/labor", +  "south korea/arbor", +  "south korea/childrens", +  "south korea/buddha", +  "south korea/memorial", +  "south korea/constitution", +  "south korea/liberation", +  "south korea/republic", +  "south korea/thanksgiving", +  "south korea/armed forces", +  "south korea/foundation", +  "south korea/alphabet", +  "c/christmas" }), +     "soviet union":    ({ "soviet union/anniversary of the october socialist revolution",    "soviet union/victory" }),          "spain":    // "also observed" ?    // "madrid only)" ?    // "palma de mallorca)" ?    // "palma de mallorca) local holidays" ?
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:4350:    "c/assumption",    "c/boxing",    "c/christmas",    "c/corpus christi",    "c/easter monday",    "c/good friday",    "c/immaculate conception",    "c/maundy thursday",    "c/epiphany",    "new year", +  "spain/dia de la toma",    "spain/constitution",    "spain/fiesta de san fermin",    "spain/fiesta del arbol",    "spain/grenada",    "spain/hispanidad",    "spain/king juan carlos saints",    "spain/labor",    "spain/national",    "spain/national holiday of spain",    "spain/queen isabella",
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:4435:    "swaziland/reed dance",    "swaziland/somhlolo" }),       "switzerland":    ({ "c/ascension",    "c/boxing",    "c/christmas",    "c/easter monday",    "c/good friday",    "c/whitmonday", +  "c/epiphany",    "labor",    "new year",    "switzerland/berchtolds",    "switzerland/glarus festival",    "switzerland/homstrom",    "switzerland/independence",    "switzerland/may eve" }),       "syria":    // "egypts revolution" ?
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:4676:    "c/christmas",    "columbus",    "c/epiphany",    "labor",    "new year",    "uruguay/artigas",    "uruguay/battle of las piedras",    "uruguay/blessing of the waters",    "uruguay/constitution",    "uruguay/independence", -  "uruguay/landing of the 33 patriots" }), +  "uruguay/landing of the 33 patriots", +  "uruguay/childrens"}),       "united kingdom":    ({ "new year|h",    "c/good friday|h",    "c/easter monday|h",    "c/christmas|h",    "c/boxing|h",    "may day|h",    "united kingdom/spring bank holiday|h",    "united kingdom/late summer bank holiday|h",
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:4748:    "us/labor|h",    "us/lincolns",    "us/martin luther king",    "us/memorial",    "us/national freedom",    "us/navy",    "us/patriots",    "us/robert e lee",    "us/thanksgiving",    "us/thomas jeffersons", +  "us/trivia", +  "us/twelfth night",    "us/veterans|h",    "us/vietnam",    "us/washingtons|h",    "us/womens equality" }),       "us/alabama":    ({ "+us",    "us/alabama/alabama admission|h",    "us/alabama/confederate memorial|h",    "us/alabama/jefferson davis|h",
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:5282:    "c/assumption",    "c/christmas",    "c/easter",    "labor",    "new year",    "unity",    "vanuatu/constitution",    "vanuatu/independence" }),       "vatican city": -  ({ "vatican city/anniversary of the beginning of the john paul ii pontificate", -  "vatican city/john paul ii namesday" }), +  ({ "saints/mary mother", +  "new year", +  "vatican city/world peace", +  "c/epiphany", +  "vatican city/lateranensi pacts", +  "saints/joseph", +  "c/holy thursday", +  "c/good friday", +  "c/easter", +  "saints/joseph the worker", +  "c/ascension", +  "c/pentecost", +  "c/corpus christi", +  "saints/peter", +  "saints/paul", +  "c/assumption", +  "vatican city/pope election", +  "c/all saints", +  "c/all souls", +  "c/immaculate conception", +  "c/christmas", +  "saints/stephen" }),       "venezuela":    // "carnival" ?    // "additional bank holidays" ?    // "saint josephs" ?    ({ "saints/paul",    "saints/peter",    "c/all saints",    "c/ascension",    "c/assumption",
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Events.pmod:5349:    "virgin islands/organic act",    "virgin islands/transfer" }),       "western samoa":    // "national womens" ?    ({ "anzac",    "c/boxing",    "c/christmas",    "c/easter",    "c/whitmonday", -  "new year", +  "new year 2d",    "western samoa/arbor",    "western samoa/independence",    "western samoa/independence2",    "western samoa/white sunday" }),       "yemen":    // "ashoura" ?    // "first of ramadan" ?    // "id al-adha" ?    // "id al-fitr" ?    // "leilat al-meiraj" ?    // "mouloud" ?    // "muharram" ?    ({ "labor",    "new year",    "womens",    "yemen/corrective movement",    "yemen/national" }),    -  +  "yugoslavia": +  ({ "new year 2d", +  "orthodox/christmas", +  "orthodox/new year", +  "yugoslavia/constitution", // serbia +  "yugoslavia/national", +  "labor", +  "yugoslavia/victory", +  "yugoslavia/freedom fighters", +  "yugoslavia/freedom serbia", // serbia +  "yugoslavia/freedom montenegro", // montenegro +  "yugoslavia/republic" }), +     "zaire":    ({ "c/christmas",    "labor",    "new year",    "zaire/armed forces",    "zaire/constitution",    "zaire/day of the martyrs for independence",    "zaire/independence",    "zaire/mpr",    "zaire/naming",