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pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/FAQ:261:    tweaks the Gregorian module.    Coptic    The Coptic calendar is by some sources ("St. Marks'    Coptic Orthodox Church" web pages) is for now on in sync with    the Gregorian Calendar, so this module too inherits    and tweaks the Gregorian module. It needs to be    adjusted for historical use.    Julian    This is the Julian calendar, with the small changes    to the Gregorian calendar (leap years). +  Badi (Baha'i) +  The Badi calendar used by the Baha'i religion is based on the +  solar year. For the time being it is in sync with the Gregorian +  calendar.       Islamic    This is the Islamic calendar, using the 'Calendrical    Calculations' rules for new moon. It is based    directly on the YMD module.    Stardate    This is the (TNG) Stardate calendar, which consists    of one time unit only, the Tick (1000 Tick is one earth year).    It is based directly on TimeRanges.