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pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/FILES:33:    They autopromote upwards (second->minute->hour).    Fraction    A fraction is a partial second. It can start    and end on non-even seconds - it has an integer    for nanosecond precision. It autopromotes upwards    to second (etc).    This module can not be used standalone, but must have    some virtual functions filled in.    It extends the TimeRanges module.    - YMD.pmod + YMD.pike    This contains the base classes of any traditional calendar:    Year    The Year class, which contains the largest timerange    unit used.    Month    The month, which divides the year into non-equal    - most of the calendards, anyway - long day sequences,    and which is aligned to the year.    Week    The week, which is a equally long day sequence,
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/FILES:93:    of one time unit only, the Tick (1000 Tick is one earth year).    It is based directly on TimeRanges.      Ruleset.pike    Each time unit keeps track of what rules are in affect now;    the rules contain two things for now, language to use and    timezone to use. It will be extended to contain geographical    position and possible other needed stuff later.    Any TimeRange object returning a new TimeRange object    will transfer the rules in the creation of the object. + Rule.pmod +  Contains the classes for the Timezone and Language objects +  used in a Ruleset object.   Language.pmod    This module keeps the base classes of languages.   Timezone.pmod    This module keeps the base classes of timezones,    inheriting the DST rules and including the timezone    definitions that are created by the mkrules.pike    program.   TZrules.pmod    This module has the DST rules (127).   TZs.h