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pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Islamic.pmod:1: + //! + //! module Calendar + //! submodule Gregorian + //!   //! This is the islamic calendar. Due to some sources,   //! they decide the first day of the new months on a   //! month-to-month basis (sightings of the new moon), - //! so it's probably not @i{that@} accurate. If + //! so it's probably not <i>that</i> accurate. If   //! someone can confirm (or deny) accuracy better than that,   //! please contact me so I can change this statement.   //!   //! It's vaugely based on rules presented in algorithms by   //! Dershowitz, Reingold and Clamen, 'Calendrical Calculations'.   //! It is the same that's used in Emacs calendar mode.   //! - //! @bugs + //! known bugs:   //! I have currently no idea how the arabic countries - //! count the week. The same rules as ISO are followed + //! count the week. Follow the same rules as ISO   //! for now... The time is also suspicious; the *day*   //! really starts at sunrise (sunset?) and not midnight, - //! the hours of the day is not correct. Also I don't know + //! the hours of the day is not correct. Also don't know   //! what to call years before 1 - go for "BH"; positive   //! years are "AH", anno Hegirac.   //!      #pike __REAL_VERSION__      import ".";   inherit YMD:YMD;      #include "constants.h"