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pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Rule.pmod:1:   #pike __REAL_VERSION__      //! Contains a time zone.   class Timezone   {    constant is_timezone=1;       // seconds to utc, not counting DST -  static int offset_to_utc; +  protected int offset_to_utc;       // timezone name    string name;       //! @decl void create(int offset, string name)    //! @param offset    //! Offset to UTC, not counting DST.    //! @param name    //! The name of the time zone. -  static void create(int offset, string _name) +  protected void create(int offset, string _name)    {    offset_to_utc=offset;    name=_name;    }       // seconds to UTC, counting DST       //! @fixme    //! This method takes one integer argument, ignores it and    //! returns an array with the UTC offset and the timezone name.