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pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Time.pmod:1568:    inherit cSecond;       constant is_timeofday_f=1;    constant is_fraction=1;       int ns; // nanoseconds add to s    int len_ns; // nanoseconds length    int len_s; // seconds length      //! method void create() - //! method void create("unixtime",int|float unixtime) - //! method void create("unixtime",int|float unixtime,int|float len) + //! method void create("unix",int|float unixtime) + //! method void create("unix",int|float unixtime,int|float len)   //! method void create(int y,int m,int d,int h,int m,int s,int ns)   //! It is possible to create a Fraction in three ways,   //! either "now" with no arguments or   //! from a unix time (as from <tt>time(2)</tt>),   //! or the convenience way from ymd-hms integers.   //!   //! If created from unix time, both the start of the period   //! and the size of the period can be given in floats,   //! both representing seconds. Note that the default   //! float precision in pike is rather low (same as 'float' in C,