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pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/TimeRanges.pmod:308:    TimeRange ``* (int n) {return `* (n);}    TimeRange `*(int|float n)    {    return set_size((int)n,this);    }      //! method array(TimeRange) `/(int|float n)   //! method array(TimeRange) split(int|float n, void|TimeRange with)   //! This divides the called timerange into   //! n pieces. The returned timerange type - //! is not neccesarily of the same type as the called one. + //! is not necessarily of the same type as the called one.   //! If the optional timerange is specified then the resulting timeranges   //! will be multiples of that range (except for the last one).   //!   //! known bugs:   //! These are currently not defined for   //! <ref to=SuperTimeRange>supertimeranges</ref>.      //! method int `/(TimeRange with)   //! method int how_many(TimeRange with)   //! This calculates how many instances of the given