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pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/module.pmod:23: Inside #if 1
  #if 1   static mixed `[](string what)   {    if (!booted)    {    booted++;    stage++;   // bootstrap in the right order    master()->resolv("Calendar")["Timezone"];    master()->resolv("Calendar")["TimeRanges"]; -  master()->resolv("Calendar")["Calendar"]; +     master()->resolv("Calendar")["Time"];    master()->resolv("Calendar")["YMD"];    master()->resolv("Calendar")["Gregorian"];      // load ISO   // it can crash here if you're loading from compiled modules   // that is updated without all of the calendar module is updated    iso_utc=master()->resolv("Calendar")["ISO"];    iso_utc=iso_utc->set_timezone("UTC");    stage--;