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pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/module.pmod:1:   #pike __REAL_VERSION__      static private int stage=0;   static private int booted=0;   static private object defcal;   static private object iso_utc;   static private object default_rules; - constant magic= // magic + indices(Calendar.ISO) without YMD + static constant magic= // magic + indices(Calendar.ISO) without YMD   (<    "ISO_UTC","II", "default_rules",    "_sprintf", "set_timezone", "language", "Day", "Year", "Week",    "Month", "Hour", "Minute", "datetime", "format_iso",    "format_iso_short", "format_iso_tod", "YMD_Time", "parse", "dwim_day",    "dwim_time", "datetime_name", "datetime_short_name", "format_day_iso",    "format_day_iso_short", "SuperTimeRange",    "calendar_name", "calendar_object", "TimeRange",    "nulltimerange", "ruleset", "set_ruleset", "inano", "timezone",    "set_language", "default_rules", "TimeofDay",    "Second", "Fraction", "now" >);      #include "localization.h"      #if 1 - mixed `[](string what) + static mixed `[](string what)   {    if (!booted)    {    booted++;    stage++;   // bootstrap in the right order    master()->resolv("Calendar")["Timezone"]; -  master()->resolv("Calendar")["Language"]; +     master()->resolv("Calendar")["TimeRanges"];    master()->resolv("Calendar")["Calendar"];    master()->resolv("Calendar")["Time"];    master()->resolv("Calendar")["YMD"];    master()->resolv("Calendar")["Gregorian"];      // load ISO   // it can crash here if you're loading from compiled modules   // that is updated without all of the calendar module is updated    iso_utc=master()->resolv("Calendar")["ISO"];
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/module.pmod:71: Inside #if 1
   }    if (!defcal)    {    if (!iso_utc) `[]("ISO_UTC");    stage++;    defcal=master()->resolv("Calendar")[default_calendar];    stage--;    }    return defcal[what];   } - mixed `-> = `[]; + static mixed `-> = `[];   #endif