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pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/Makefile:373:   AWK= awk      # The full path name of a Posix-compliant shell, preferably one that supports   # the Korn shell's 'select' statement as an extension.   # These days, Bash is the most popular.   # It should be OK to set this to /bin/sh, on platforms where /bin/sh   # lacks 'select' or doesn't completely conform to Posix, but /bin/bash   # is typically nicer if it works.   KSHELL= /bin/bash    + # Name of curl <https://curl.haxx.se/>, used for HTML validation. + CURL= curl +    # The path where SGML DTDs are kept and the catalog file(s) to use when - # validating. The default should work on both Debian and Red Hat. + # validating HTML 4.01. The default should work on both Debian and Red Hat.   SGML_TOPDIR= /usr   SGML_DTDDIR= $(SGML_TOPDIR)/share/xml/w3c-sgml-lib/schema/dtd   SGML_SEARCH_PATH= $(SGML_DTDDIR)/REC-html401-19991224   SGML_CATALOG_FILES= \    $(SGML_TOPDIR)/share/doc/w3-recs/html/www.w3.org/TR/1999/REC-html401-19991224/HTML4.cat:$(SGML_TOPDIR)/share/sgml/html/4.01/HTML4.cat    - # The name, arguments and environment of a program to validate your web pages. + # The name, arguments and environment of a program to validate HTML 4.01.   # See <http://openjade.sourceforge.net/doc/> for a validator, and   # <https://validator.w3.org/source/> for a validation library.   # Set VALIDATE=':' if you do not have such a program.   VALIDATE = nsgmls   VALIDATE_FLAGS = -s -B -wall -wno-unused-param   VALIDATE_ENV = \    SGML_CATALOG_FILES='$(SGML_CATALOG_FILES)' \    SGML_SEARCH_PATH='$(SGML_SEARCH_PATH)' \    SP_CHARSET_FIXED=YES \    SP_ENCODING=UTF-8
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/Makefile:481:    tzselect.ksh workman.sh   MANS= newctime.3 newstrftime.3 newtzset.3 time2posix.3 \    tzfile.5 tzselect.8 zic.8 zdump.8   MANTXTS= newctime.3.txt newstrftime.3.txt newtzset.3.txt \    time2posix.3.txt \    tzfile.5.txt tzselect.8.txt zic.8.txt zdump.8.txt \    date.1.txt   COMMON= calendars CONTRIBUTING LICENSE Makefile \    NEWS README theory.html version   WEB_PAGES= tz-art.html tz-how-to.html tz-link.html + CHECK_WEB_PAGES=check_tz-art.html check_tz-how-to.html check_tz-link.html   DOCS= $(MANS) date.1 $(MANTXTS) $(WEB_PAGES)   PRIMARY_YDATA= africa antarctica asia australasia \    europe northamerica southamerica   YDATA= $(PRIMARY_YDATA) etcetera   NDATA= systemv factory   TDATA_TO_CHECK= $(YDATA) $(NDATA) backward pacificnew   TDATA= $(YDATA) $(NDATA) $(BACKWARD)   ZONETABLES= zone1970.tab zone.tab   TABDATA= iso3166.tab $(TZDATA_TEXT) $(ZONETABLES)   LEAP_DEPS= leapseconds.awk leap-seconds.list
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/Makefile:792:    touch $@      check_tzs: $(TZS) $(TZS_NEW)    if test -s $(TZS); then \    diff -u $(TZS) $(TZS_NEW); \    else \    cp $(TZS_NEW) $(TZS); \    fi    touch $@    - # This checks only the HTML 4.01 strict page. - # To check the the other pages, use <https://validator.w3.org/>. - check_web: tz-how-to.html + check_web: $(CHECK_WEB_PAGES) + check_tz-art.html: tz-art.html + check_tz-link.html: tz-link.html + check_tz-art.html check_tz-link.html: +  $(CURL) -sS --url https://validator.w3.org/nu/ -F out=gnu \ +  -F file=@$$(expr $@ : 'check_\(.*\)') -o $@.out && \ +  test ! -s $@.out || { cat $@.out; exit 1; } +  mv $@.out $@ + check_tz-how-to.html: tz-how-to.html    $(VALIDATE_ENV) $(VALIDATE) $(VALIDATE_FLAGS) tz-how-to.html    touch $@      # Check that zishrink.awk does not alter the data, and that ziguard.awk   # preserves main-format data.   check_zishrink: check_zishrink_posix check_zishrink_right   check_zishrink_posix check_zishrink_right: \    zic leapseconds $(PACKRATDATA) $(TDATA) $(DATAFORM).zi tzdata.zi    rm -fr $@.dir $@-t.dir $@-shrunk.dir    mkdir $@.dir $@-t.dir $@-shrunk.dir
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/Makefile:1061:   difftime.o: private.h   localtime.o: private.h tzfile.h   strftime.o: private.h tzfile.h   zdump.o: version.h   zic.o: private.h tzfile.h version.h      .KEEP_STATE:      .PHONY: ALL INSTALL all   .PHONY: check check_time_t_alternatives - .PHONY: check_zishrink + .PHONY: check_web check_zishrink   .PHONY: clean clean_misc dummy.zd force_tzs   .PHONY: install install_data maintainer-clean names   .PHONY: posix_only posix_packrat posix_right public   .PHONY: rearguard_signatures rearguard_signatures_version   .PHONY: rearguard_tarballs rearguard_tarballs_version   .PHONY: right_only right_posix signatures signatures_version   .PHONY: tarballs tarballs_version   .PHONY: traditional_signatures traditional_signatures_version   .PHONY: traditional_tarballs traditional_tarballs_version   .PHONY: typecheck   .PHONY: zonenames zones   .PHONY: $(ZDS)