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pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/Makefile:1:   # This file is in the public domain, so clarified as of   # 2009-05-17 by Arthur David Olson.      # Package name for the code distribution.   PACKAGE= tzcode      # Version numbers of the code and data distributions. - VERSION= 2015g + VERSION= 2016a      # Email address for bug reports.   BUGEMAIL= tz@iana.org      # Change the line below for your time zone (after finding the zone you want in   # the time zone files, or adding it to a time zone file).   # Alternately, if you discover you've got the wrong time zone, you can just   # zic -l rightzone   # to correct things.   # Use the command
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/Makefile:77:   # REDO= posix_only   # below. If you always want right time values interpreted as "seconds since   # the epoch" (counting leap seconds)", use   # REDO= right_only   # below. If you want both sets of data available, with leap seconds not   # counted normally, use   # REDO= posix_right   # below. If you want both sets of data available, with leap seconds counted   # normally, use   # REDO= right_posix - # below. If you want just POSIX-compatible time values, but with - # out-of-scope and often-wrong data from the file 'backzone', use - # REDO= posix_packrat - # POSIX mandates that leap seconds not be counted; for compatibility with it, - # use "posix_only", "posix_right", or "posix_packrat". + # below. POSIX mandates that leap seconds not be counted; for compatibility + # with it, use "posix_only" or "posix_right".      REDO= posix_right    -  + # If you want out-of-scope and often-wrong data from the file 'backzone', use + # PACKRATDATA= backzone + # To omit this data, use + # PACKRATDATA= +  + PACKRATDATA= +    # Since "." may not be in PATH...      YEARISTYPE= ./yearistype      # Non-default libraries needed to link.   # Add -lintl if you want to use 'gettext' on Solaris.   LDLIBS=      # Add the following to the end of the "CFLAGS=" line as needed.   # -DBIG_BANG=-9999999LL if the Big Bang occurred at time -9999999 (see zic.c)
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/Makefile:229:   # before the first Monday in January when a "%V" format is used and January 1   # falls on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.      CFLAGS=      # Linker flags. Default to $(LFLAGS) for backwards compatibility   # to tzcode2012h and earlier.      LDFLAGS= $(LFLAGS)    + # For leap seconds, this Makefile uses LEAPSECONDS='-L leapseconds' in + # submake command lines. The default is no leap seconds. +  + LEAPSECONDS= +  + # The zic command and its arguments. +    zic= ./zic   ZIC= $(zic) $(ZFLAGS)      ZFLAGS=    -  + # How to use zic to install tzdata binary files. +  + ZIC_INSTALL= $(ZIC) -y $(YEARISTYPE) -d $(DESTDIR)$(TZDIR) $(LEAPSECONDS) +    # The name of a Posix-compliant 'awk' on your system.   AWK= awk      # The full path name of a Posix-compliant shell, preferably one that supports   # the Korn shell's 'select' statement as an extension.   # These days, Bash is the most popular.   # It should be OK to set this to /bin/sh, on platforms where /bin/sh   # lacks 'select' or doesn't completely conform to Posix, but /bin/bash   # is typically nicer if it works.   KSHELL= /bin/bash
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/Makefile:337:   NONLIBSRCS= zic.c zdump.c   NEWUCBSRCS= date.c strftime.c   SOURCES= $(HEADERS) $(LIBSRCS) $(NONLIBSRCS) $(NEWUCBSRCS) \    tzselect.ksh workman.sh   MANS= newctime.3 newstrftime.3 newtzset.3 time2posix.3 \    tzfile.5 tzselect.8 zic.8 zdump.8   MANTXTS= newctime.3.txt newstrftime.3.txt newtzset.3.txt \    time2posix.3.txt \    tzfile.5.txt tzselect.8.txt zic.8.txt zdump.8.txt \    date.1.txt - COMMON= CONTRIBUTING Makefile NEWS README Theory + COMMON= CONTRIBUTING LICENSE Makefile NEWS README Theory   WEB_PAGES= tz-art.htm tz-link.htm   DOCS= $(MANS) date.1 $(MANTXTS) $(WEB_PAGES)   PRIMARY_YDATA= africa antarctica asia australasia \    europe northamerica southamerica   YDATA= $(PRIMARY_YDATA) pacificnew etcetera backward   NDATA= systemv factory   TDATA= $(YDATA) $(NDATA)   ZONETABLES= zone1970.tab zone.tab   TABDATA= iso3166.tab leapseconds $(ZONETABLES)   LEAP_DEPS= leapseconds.awk leap-seconds.list
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/Makefile:359:    leap-seconds.list yearistype.sh   AWK_SCRIPTS= checklinks.awk checktab.awk leapseconds.awk   MISC= $(AWK_SCRIPTS) zoneinfo2tdf.pl   ENCHILADA= $(COMMON) $(DOCS) $(SOURCES) $(DATA) $(MISC)      # And for the benefit of csh users on systems that assume the user   # shell should be used to handle commands in Makefiles. . .      SHELL= /bin/sh    - all: tzselect zic zdump libtz.a $(TABDATA) + all: tzselect yearistype zic zdump libtz.a $(TABDATA)      ALL: all date $(ENCHILADA)      install: all $(DATA) $(REDO) $(MANS)    mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(ETCDIR) $(DESTDIR)$(TZDIR) \    $(DESTDIR)$(LIBDIR) \    $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man3 $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man5 \    $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man8 -  $(ZIC) -y $(YEARISTYPE) \ -  -d $(DESTDIR)$(TZDIR) -l $(LOCALTIME) -p $(POSIXRULES) +  $(ZIC_INSTALL) -l $(LOCALTIME) -p $(POSIXRULES)    cp -f iso3166.tab $(ZONETABLES) $(DESTDIR)$(TZDIR)/.    cp tzselect zic zdump $(DESTDIR)$(ETCDIR)/.    cp libtz.a $(DESTDIR)$(LIBDIR)/.    $(RANLIB) $(DESTDIR)$(LIBDIR)/libtz.a    cp -f newctime.3 newtzset.3 $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man3/.    cp -f tzfile.5 $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man5/.    cp -f tzselect.8 zdump.8 zic.8 $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man8/.      INSTALL: ALL install date.1    mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(BINDIR) $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man1
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/Makefile:391:    cp -f date.1 $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man1/.      version.h:    (echo 'static char const PKGVERSION[]="($(PACKAGE)) ";' && \    echo 'static char const TZVERSION[]="$(VERSION)";' && \    echo 'static char const REPORT_BUGS_TO[]="$(BUGEMAIL)";') >$@      zdump: $(TZDOBJS)    $(CC) -o $@ $(CFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS) $(TZDOBJS) $(LDLIBS)    - zic: $(TZCOBJS) yearistype + zic: $(TZCOBJS)    $(CC) -o $@ $(CFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS) $(TZCOBJS) $(LDLIBS)      yearistype: yearistype.sh    cp yearistype.sh yearistype    chmod +x yearistype      leapseconds: $(LEAP_DEPS)    $(AWK) -f leapseconds.awk leap-seconds.list >$@    - posix_only: zic $(TDATA) -  $(ZIC) -y $(YEARISTYPE) -d $(DESTDIR)$(TZDIR) \ -  -L /dev/null $(TDATA) + # Arguments to pass to submakes of install_data. + # They can be overridden by later submake arguments. + INSTALLARGS = \ +  DESTDIR=$(DESTDIR) \ +  LEAPSECONDS='$(LEAPSECONDS)' \ +  PACKRATDATA='$(PACKRATDATA)' \ +  TZDIR=$(TZDIR) \ +  YEARISTYPE=$(YEARISTYPE) \ +  ZIC='$(ZIC)'    - right_only: zic leapseconds $(TDATA) -  $(ZIC) -y $(YEARISTYPE) -d $(DESTDIR)$(TZDIR) \ -  -L leapseconds $(TDATA) + # 'make install_data' installs one set of tz binary files. + # It can be tailored by setting LEAPSECONDS, PACKRATDATA, etc. + install_data: zic leapseconds yearistype $(PACKRATDATA) $(TDATA) +  $(ZIC_INSTALL) $(TDATA) +  $(AWK) '/^Rule/' $(TDATA) | $(ZIC_INSTALL) - $(PACKRATDATA)    -  + posix_only: +  $(MAKE) $(INSTALLARGS) LEAPSECONDS= install_data +  + right_only: +  $(MAKE) $(INSTALLARGS) LEAPSECONDS='-L leapseconds' \ +  install_data +    # In earlier versions of this makefile, the other two directories were   # subdirectories of $(TZDIR). However, this led to configuration errors.   # For example, with posix_right under the earlier scheme,   # TZ='right/Australia/Adelaide' got you localtime with leap seconds,   # but gmtime without leap seconds, which led to problems with applications   # like sendmail that subtract gmtime from localtime.   # Therefore, the other two directories are now siblings of $(TZDIR).   # You must replace all of $(TZDIR) to switch from not using leap seconds   # to using them, or vice versa. - right_posix: right_only leapseconds + right_posix: right_only    rm -fr $(DESTDIR)$(TZDIR)-leaps    ln -s $(TZDIR_BASENAME) $(DESTDIR)$(TZDIR)-leaps || \ -  $(ZIC) -y $(YEARISTYPE) -d $(DESTDIR)$(TZDIR)-leaps \ -  -L leapseconds $(TDATA) -  $(ZIC) -y $(YEARISTYPE) -d $(DESTDIR)$(TZDIR)-posix \ -  -L /dev/null $(TDATA) +  $(MAKE) $(INSTALLARGS) TZDIR=$(TZDIR)-leaps right_only +  $(MAKE) $(INSTALLARGS) TZDIR=$(TZDIR)-posix posix_only    - posix_right: posix_only leapseconds + posix_right: posix_only    rm -fr $(DESTDIR)$(TZDIR)-posix    ln -s $(TZDIR_BASENAME) $(DESTDIR)$(TZDIR)-posix || \ -  $(ZIC) -y $(YEARISTYPE) -d $(DESTDIR)$(TZDIR)-posix \ -  -L /dev/null $(TDATA) -  $(ZIC) -y $(YEARISTYPE) -d $(DESTDIR)$(TZDIR)-leaps \ -  -L leapseconds $(TDATA) +  $(MAKE) $(INSTALLARGS) TZDIR=$(TZDIR)-posix posix_only +  $(MAKE) $(INSTALLARGS) TZDIR=$(TZDIR)-leaps right_only    - posix_packrat: posix_only backzone -  $(AWK) '/^Rule/' $(TDATA) | \ -  $(ZIC) -y $(YEARISTYPE) -d $(DESTDIR)$(TZDIR) \ -  -L /dev/null - backzone + # This obsolescent rule is present for backwards compatibility with + # tz releases 2014g through 2015g. It should go away eventually. + posix_packrat: +  $(MAKE) $(INSTALLARGS) PACKRATDATA=backzone posix_only      zones: $(REDO)      libtz.a: $(LIBOBJS)    $(AR) ru $@ $(LIBOBJS)    $(RANLIB) $@      date: $(DATEOBJS)    $(CC) -o $@ $(CFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS) $(DATEOBJS) $(LDLIBS)   
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/Makefile:653:   strftime.o: private.h tzfile.h   zdump.o: version.h   zic.o: private.h tzfile.h version.h      .KEEP_STATE:      .PHONY: ALL INSTALL all   .PHONY: check check_character_set check_links   .PHONY: check_public check_sorted check_tables   .PHONY: check_time_t_alternatives check_web check_white_space clean clean_misc - .PHONY: install maintainer-clean names posix_packrat posix_only posix_right + .PHONY: install install_data maintainer-clean names + .PHONY: posix_only posix_packrat posix_right   .PHONY: public right_only right_posix signatures tarballs typecheck   .PHONY: zonenames zones