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pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/NEWS:1:   News for the tz database    + Release 2016j - 2016-11-22 23:17:13 -0800 +  +  Briefly: Saratov, Russia moves from +03 to +04 on 2016-12-04. +  +  Changes to future time stamps +  +  Saratov, Russia switches from +03 to +04 on 2016-12-04 at 02:00. +  This hives off a new zone Europe/Saratov from Europe/Volgograd. +  (Thanks to Yuri Konotopov and Stepan Golosunov.) +  +  Changes to past time stamps +  +  The new zone Asia/Atyrau for Atyraū Region, Kazakhstan, is like +  Asia/Aqtau except it switched from +04/+05 to +05/+06 in spring +  1999, not fall 1994. (Thanks to Stepan Golosunov.) +  +  Changes to past time zone abbreviations +  +  Asia/Gaza and Asia/Hebron now use "EEST", not "EET", to denote +  summer time before 1948. The old use of "EET" was a typo. +  +  Changes to code +  +  zic no longer mishandles file systems that lack hard links, fixing +  bugs introduced in 2016g. (Problems reported by Tom Lane.) +  Also, when the destination already contains symbolic links, zic +  should now work better on systems where the 'link' system call +  does not follow symbolic links. +  +  Changes to documentation and commentary +  +  tz-link.htm now documents the relationship between release version +  numbers and development-repository commit tags. (Suggested by +  Paul Koning.) +  +  The 'Theory' file now documents UT. +  +  iso3166.tab now accents "Curaçao", and commentary now mentions +  the names "Cabo Verde" and "Czechia". (Thanks to Jiří Boháč.) +  +    Release 2016i - 2016-11-01 23:19:52 -0700       Briefly: Cyprus split into two time zones on 2016-10-30, and Tonga    reintroduces DST on 2016-11-06.       Changes to future time stamps       Pacific/Tongatapu begins DST on 2016-11-06 at 02:00, ending on    2017-01-15 at 03:00. Assume future observances in Tonga will be    from the first Sunday in November through the third Sunday in
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/NEWS:205:    tzdb-VERSION containing the code and data of the traditional    two-tarball format, along with extra data that may be useful.    (Thanks to Antonio Diaz Diaz, Oscar van Vlijmen, and many others    for comments about the experimental format.)       The release version number is now more accurate in the usual case    where releases are built from a Git repository. For example, if    23 commits and some working-file changes have been made since    release 2016g, the version number is now something like    '2016g-23-g50556e3-dirty' instead of the misleading '2016g'. -  Official releases uses the same version number format as before, +  Tagged releases use the same version number format as before,    e.g., '2016g'. To support the more-accurate version number, its    specification has moved from a line in the Makefile to a new    source file 'version'.       The experimental distribution contains a file to2050.tzs that    contains what should be the output of 'zdump -i -c 2050' on    primary zones. If this file is available, 'make check' now checks    that zdump generates this output.       'make check_web' now works on Fedora-like distributions.