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pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/NEWS:1:   News for the tz database    + Release 2017c - 2017-10-20 14:49:34 -0700 +  +  Briefly: +  Northern Cyprus switches from +03 to +02/+03 on 2017-10-29. +  Fiji ends DST 2018-01-14, not 2018-01-21. +  Namibia switches from +01/+02 to +02 on 2018-04-01. +  Sudan switches from +03 to +02 on 2017-11-01. +  Tonga likely switches from +13/+14 to +13 on 2017-11-05. +  Turks & Caicos switches from -04 to -05/-04 on 2018-11-04. +  A new file tzdata.zi now holds a small text copy of all data. +  The zic input format has been regularized slightly. +  +  Changes to future time stamps +  +  Northern Cyprus has decided to resume EU rules starting +  2017-10-29, thus reinstituting winter time. +  +  Fiji ends DST 2018-01-14 instead of the 2018-01-21 previously +  predicted. (Thanks to Dominic Fok.) Adjust future predictions +  accordingly. +  +  Namibia will switch from +01 with DST to +02 all year on +  2017-09-03 at 02:00. This affects UT offsets starting 2018-04-01 +  at 02:00. (Thanks to Steffen Thorsen.) +  +  Sudan will switch from +03 to +02 on 2017-11-01. (Thanks to Ahmed +  Atyya and Yahia Abdalla.) South Sudan is not switching, so +  Africa/Juba is no longer a link to Africa/Khartoum. +  +  Tonga has likely ended its experiment with DST, and will not +  adjust its clocks on 2017-11-05. Although Tonga has not announced +  whether it will continue to observe DST, the IATA is assuming that +  it will not. (Thanks to David Wade.) +  +  Turks & Caicos will switch from -04 all year to -05 with US DST on +  2018-03-11 at 03:00. This affects UT offsets starting 2018-11-04 +  at 02:00. (Thanks to Steffen Thorsen.) +  +  Changes to past time stamps +  +  Namibia switched from +02 to +01 on 1994-03-21, not 1994-04-03. +  (Thanks to Arthur David Olson.) +  +  Detroit did not observe DST in 1967. +  +  Use railway time for Asia/Kolkata before 1941, by switching to +  Madras local time (UT +052110) in 1870, then to IST (UT +0530) in +  1906. Also, treat 1941-2's +0630 as DST, like 1942-5. +  +  Europe/Dublin's 1946 and 1947 fallback transitions occurred at +  02:00 standard time, not 02:00 DST. (Thanks to Michael Deckers.) +  +  Pacific/Apia and Pacific/Pago_Pago switched from Antipodean to +  American time in 1892, not 1879. (Thanks to Michael Deckers.) +  +  Adjust the 1867 transition in Alaska to better reflect the +  historical record, by changing it to occur on 1867-10-18 at 15:30 +  Sitka time rather than at the start of 1867-10-17 local time. +  Although strictly speaking this is accurate only for Sitka, +  the rest of Alaska's blanks need to be filled in somehow. +  +  Fix off-by-one errors in UT offsets for Adak and Nome before 1867. +  (Thanks to Michael Deckers.) +  +  Add 7 s to the UT offset in Asia/Yangon before 1920. +  +  Changes to zone names +  +  Remove Canada/East-Saskatchewan from the 'backward' file, as it +  exceeded the 14-character limit and was an unused misnomer anyway. +  +  Changes to build procedure +  +  To support applications that prefer to read time zone data in text +  form, two zic input files tzdata.zi and leapseconds are now +  installed by default. The commands 'zic tzdata.zi' and 'zic -L +  leapseconds tzdata.zi' can reproduce the tzdata binary files +  without and with leap seconds, respectively. To prevent these two +  new files from being installed, use 'make TZDATA_TEXT=', and to +  suppress leap seconds from the tzdata text installation, use 'make +  TZDATA_TEXT=tzdata.zi'. +  +  'make BACKWARD=' now suppresses backward-compatibility names +  like 'US/Pacific' that are defined in the 'backward' and +  'pacificnew' files. +  +  'make check' now works on systems that lack a UTF-8 locale, +  or that lack the nsgmls program. Set UTF8_LOCALE to configure +  the name of a UTF-8 locale, if you have one. +  +  Y2K runtime checks are no longer enabled by default. Add +  -DDEPRECATE_TWO_DIGIT_YEARS to CFLAGS to enable them, instead of +  adding -DNO_RUN_TIME_WARNINGS_ABOUT_YEAR_2000_PROBLEMS_THANK_YOU +  to disable them. (New name suggested by Brian Inglis.) +  +  The build procedure for zdump now works on AIX 7.1. +  (Problem reported by Kees Dekker.) +  +  Changes to code +  +  zic and the reference runtime now reject multiple leap seconds +  within 28 days of each other, or leap seconds before the Epoch. +  As a result, support for double leap seconds, which was +  obsolescent and undocumented, has been removed. Double leap +  seconds were an error in the C89 standard; they have never existed +  in civil timekeeping. (Thanks to Robert Elz and Bradley White for +  noticing glitches in the code that uncovered this problem.) +  +  zic now warns about use of the obsolescent and undocumented -y +  option, and about use of the obsolescent TYPE field of Rule lines. +  +  zic now allows unambiguous abbreviations like "Sa" and "Su" for +  weekdays; formerly it rejected them due to a bug. Conversely, zic +  no longer considers non-prefixes to be abbreviations; for example, +  it no longer accepts "lF" as an abbreviation for "lastFriday". +  Also, zic warns about the undocumented usage with a "last-" +  prefix, e.g., "last-Fri". +  +  Similarly, zic now accepts the unambiguous abbreviation "L" for +  "Link" in ordinary context and for "Leap" in leap-second context. +  Conversely, zic no longer accepts non-prefixes such as "La" as +  abbreviations for words like "Leap". +  +  zic no longer accepts leap second lines in ordinary input, or +  ordinary lines in leap second input. Formerly, zic sometimes +  warned about this undocumented usage and handled it incorrectly. +  +  The new macro HAVE_TZNAME governs whether the tzname external +  variable is exported, instead of USG_COMPAT. USG_COMPAT now +  governs only the external variables "timezone" and "daylight". +  This change is needed because the three variables are not in the +  same category: although POSIX requires tzname, it specifies the +  other two variables as optional. Also, USG_COMPAT is now 1 or 0: +  if not defined, the code attempts to guess it from other macros. +  +  localtime.c and difftime.c no longer require stdio.h, and .c files +  other than zic.c no longer require sys/wait.h. +  +  zdump.c no longer assumes snprintf. (Reported by Jonathan Leffler.) +  +  Calculation of time_t extrema works around a bug in GCC 4.8.4 +  (Reported by Stan Shebs and Joseph Myers.) +  +  zic.c no longer mistranslates formats of line numbers in non-English +  locales. (Problem reported by Benno Schulenberg.) +  +  Several minor changes have been made to the code to make it a +  bit easier to port to MS-Windows and Solaris. (Thanks to Kees +  Dekker for reporting the problems.) +  +  Changes to documentation and commentary +  +  The two new files 'theory.html' and 'calendars' contain the +  contents of the removed file 'Theory'. The goal is to document +  tzdb theory more accessibly. +  +  The zic man page now documents abbreviation rules. +  +  tz-link.htm now covers how to apply tzdata changes to clients. +  (Thanks to Jorge Fábregas for the AIX link.) It also mentions MySQL. +  +  The leap-seconds.list URL has been updated to something that is +  more reliable for tzdb. (Thanks to Tim Parenti and Brian Inglis.) +  + Release 2017b - 2017-03-17 07:30:38 -0700 +  +  Briefly: Haiti has resumed DST. +  +  Changes to past and future time stamps +  +  Haiti resumed observance of DST in 2017. (Thanks to Steffen Thorsen.) +  +  Changes to past time stamps +  +  Liberia changed from -004430 to +00 on 1972-01-07, not 1972-05-01. +  +  Use "MMT" to abbreviate Liberia's time zone before 1972, as "-004430" +  is one byte over the POSIX limit. (Problem reported by Derick Rethans.) +  +  Changes to code +  +  The reference localtime implementation now falls back on the +  current US daylight-saving transition rules rather than the +  1987-2006 rules. This fallback occurs only when (1) the TZ +  environment variable's value has a name like "AST4ADT" that asks +  for daylight saving time but does not specify the rules, (2) there +  is no file by that name, and (3) the TZDEFRULES file cannot be +  loaded. (Thanks to Tom Lane.) +  +    Release 2017a - 2017-02-28 00:05:36 -0800       Briefly: Southern Chile moves from -04/-03 to -03, and Mongolia    discontinues DST.       Changes to future time stamps       Mongolia no longer observes DST. (Thanks to Ganbold Tsagaankhuu.)       Chile's Region of Magallanes moves from -04/-03 to -03 year-round.
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/NEWS:1958:       tzselect now computes the list of continents from the data,    rather than have it hard-coded.       Minor changes pacify GCC 4.7.3 and GCC 4.8.1.       Changes affecting the build procedure       The 'leapseconds' file is now generated automatically from a    new file 'leap-seconds.list', which is a copy of -  <ftp://time.nist.gov/pub/leap-seconds.list>. +  <ftp://ftp.nist.gov/pub/time/leap-seconds.list>    A new source file 'leapseconds.awk' implements this.    The goal is simplification of the future maintenance of 'leapseconds'.       When building the 'posix' or 'right' subdirectories, if the    subdirectory would be a copy of the default subdirectory, it is    now made a symbolic link if that is supported. This saves about    2 MB of file system space.       The links America/Shiprock and Antarctica/South_Pole have been    moved to the 'backward' file. This affects only nondefault builds
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/NEWS:2164:       Chile's 2013 rules, and we guess rules for 2014 and later, will be    the same as 2012, namely Apr Sun>=23 03:00 UTC to Sep Sun>=2 04:00 UTC.    (Thanks to Steffen Thorsen and Robert Elz.)       New Zones Asia/Khandyga, Asia/Ust-Nera, Europe/Busingen.    (Thanks to Tobias Conradi and Arthur David Olson.)       Many changes affect historical timestamps before 1940.    These were deduced from: Milne J. Civil time. Geogr J. 1899 -  Feb;13(2):173-94 <http://www.jstor.org/stable/1774359>. +  Feb;13(2):173-94 <https://www.jstor.org/stable/1774359>.       Changes affecting the code:       Fix zic bug that mishandled Egypt's 2010 changes (this also affected    the data). (Thanks to Arthur David Olson.)       Fix localtime bug when time_t is unsigned and data files were generated    by a signed time_t system. (Thanks to Doug Bailey for reporting and    to Arthur David Olson for fixing.)