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pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/backward:54:   Link Australia/Hobart Australia/Tasmania   Link Australia/Melbourne Australia/Victoria   Link Australia/Perth Australia/West   Link Australia/Broken_Hill Australia/Yancowinna   Link America/Rio_Branco Brazil/Acre   Link America/Noronha Brazil/DeNoronha   Link America/Sao_Paulo Brazil/East   Link America/Manaus Brazil/West   Link America/Halifax Canada/Atlantic   Link America/Winnipeg Canada/Central - Link America/Regina Canada/East-Saskatchewan + # This line is commented out, as the name exceeded the 14-character limit + # and was an unused misnomer. + #Link America/Regina Canada/East-Saskatchewan   Link America/Toronto Canada/Eastern   Link America/Edmonton Canada/Mountain   Link America/St_Johns Canada/Newfoundland   Link America/Vancouver Canada/Pacific   Link America/Regina Canada/Saskatchewan   Link America/Whitehorse Canada/Yukon   Link America/Santiago Chile/Continental   Link Pacific/Easter Chile/EasterIsland   Link America/Havana Cuba   Link Africa/Cairo Egypt