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pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/backzone:31:      # This file is not intended to be compiled standalone, as it   # assumes rules from other files. In the tz distribution, use   # 'make PACKRATDATA=backzone zones' to compile and install this file.      # Zones are sorted by zone name. Each zone is preceded by the   # name of the country that the zone is in, along with any other   # commentary and rules associated with the entry.   #   # As explained in the zic man page, the zone columns are: - # Zone NAME GMTOFF RULES FORMAT [UNTIL] + # Zone NAME STDOFF RULES FORMAT [UNTIL]      # Ethiopia   # From Paul Eggert (2014-07-31):   # Like the Swahili of Kenya and Tanzania, many Ethiopians keep a   # 12-hour clock starting at our 06:00, so their "8 o'clock" is our   # 02:00 or 14:00. Keep this in mind when you ask the time in Amharic.   #   # Shanks & Pottenger write that Ethiopia had six narrowly-spaced time   # zones between 1870 and 1890, that they merged to 38E50 (2:35:20) in   # 1890, and that they switched to 3:00 on 1936-05-05. Perhaps 38E50