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pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/backzone:9:         # From Paul Eggert (2014-10-31):      # This file contains data outside the normal scope of the tz database,   # in that its zones do not differ from normal tz zones after 1970.   # Links in this file point to zones in this file, superseding links in   # the file 'backward'.      # Although zones in this file may be of some use for analyzing - # pre-1970 time stamps, they are less reliable, cover only a tiny + # pre-1970 timestamps, they are less reliable, cover only a tiny   # sliver of the pre-1970 era, and cannot feasibly be improved to cover   # most of the era. Because the zones are out of normal scope for the   # database, less effort is put into maintaining this file. Many of   # the zones were formerly in other source files, but were removed or   # replaced by links as their data entries were questionable and/or they - # differed from other zones only in pre-1970 time stamps. + # differed from other zones only in pre-1970 timestamps.      # Unless otherwise specified, the source for data through 1990 is:   # Thomas G. Shanks and Rique Pottenger, The International Atlas (6th edition),   # San Diego: ACS Publications, Inc. (2003).   # Unfortunately this book contains many errors and cites no sources.      # This file is not intended to be compiled standalone, as it   # assumes rules from other files. In the tz distribution, use   # 'make PACKRATDATA=backzone zones' to compile and install this file.