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pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/iso3166.tab:2:   #   # This file is in the public domain, so clarified as of   # 2009-05-17 by Arthur David Olson.   #   # From Paul Eggert (2013-05-27):   #   # This file contains a table with the following columns:   # 1. ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code, current as of   # ISO 3166-1 Newsletter VI-15 (2013-05-10). See: Updates on ISO 3166   # http://www.iso.org/iso/home/standards/country_codes/updates_on_iso_3166.htm - # 2. The usual English name for the country, + # 2. The usual English name for the coded region,   # chosen so that alphabetic sorting of subsets produces helpful lists.   # This is not the same as the English name in the ISO 3166 tables.   #   # Columns are separated by a single tab.   # The table is sorted by country code.   #   # Lines beginning with `#' are comments.   #   # This table is intended as an aid for users, to help them select time   # zone data appropriate for their practical needs. It is not intended   # to take or endorse any position on legal or territorial claims.   #   #country- - #code country name + #code name of country, territory, area, or subdivision   AD Andorra   AE United Arab Emirates   AF Afghanistan   AG Antigua & Barbuda   AI Anguilla   AL Albania   AM Armenia   AO Angola   AQ Antarctica   AR Argentina
pike.git/lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/tzdata/iso3166.tab:46:   BE Belgium   BF Burkina Faso   BG Bulgaria   BH Bahrain   BI Burundi   BJ Benin   BL St Barthelemy   BM Bermuda   BN Brunei   BO Bolivia - BQ Bonaire, St Eustatius & Saba + BQ Caribbean Netherlands   BR Brazil   BS Bahamas   BT Bhutan   BV Bouvet Island   BW Botswana   BY Belarus   BZ Belize   CA Canada   CC Cocos (Keeling) Islands   CD Congo (Dem. Rep.)