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pike.git/lib/modules/Crypto.pmod/DES.pmod:1:   #pike __REAL_VERSION__   #pragma strict_types + #require constant(Nettle.DES)      //! DES is the old Data Encryption Standard, specified by NIST. It   //! uses a block size of 64 bits (8 octets), and a key size of 56   //! bits. However, the key bits are distributed over 8 octets, where   //! the least significant bit of each octet is used for parity. A   //! common way to use DES is to generate 8 random octets in some way,   //! then set the least significant bit of each octet to get odd   //! parity, and initialize DES with the resulting key.   //!   //! The key size of DES is so small that keys can be found by brute   //! force, using specialized hardware or lots of ordinary work   //! stations in parallel. One shouldn't be using plain DES at all   //! today, if one uses DES at all one should be using @[DES3] or "triple   //! DES".   //!   //! DES also has some weak keys.    - #if constant(Nettle) && constant(Nettle.DES) -  +    inherit Nettle.DES; -  - #else - constant this_program_does_not_exist=1; - #endif +