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pike.git/lib/modules/Getopt.pmod:48:   //! program usage. It can also be an array of strings, in which case   //! any of the mentioned variables in the array may be used.   //!   //! @param def   //! This argument has two functions: It specifies if the option takes an   //! argument or not, and it informs @[find_option()] what to return if the   //! option is not present.   //!   //! The value may be one of:   //! @mixed - //! @type int(0)|zero + //! @type int(0..0)|zero   //! The option does not require a value. - //! @type int(1)|string + //! @type int(1..1)|string   //! The option requires a value, and @[def] will be returned   //! if the option is not present. If the option is present,   //! but does not have an argument @[find_option()] will fail.   //!   //! Note that a set option will always return a @expr{string@},   //! so setting @[def] to @expr{1@} can be used to detect whether   //! the option is present or not.   //! @endmixed   //!   //! @param throw_errors