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pike.git/lib/modules/Getopt.pmod:415:    {    ret+=({ ({name, option[3]}) });    done[name]=1;    }    }    }    return ret;   }      //! This function returns the remaining command line arguments after - //! you have run @[find_options()] or @[find_all_options()] to find + //! you have run @[find_option()] or @[find_all_options()] to find   //! all the options in the argument list. If there are any options - //! left not handled by @[find_options()] or @[find_all_options()] + //! left not handled by @[find_option()] or @[find_all_options()]   //! this function will fail.   //!   //! If @[throw_errors] has been specified @[get_args()] will throw errors   //! on failure. If it has been left out, or is @tt{0@} (zero), it will   //! instead print an error message on @[Stdio.stderr] and exit the   //! program with result code 1 on failure.   //!   //! @returns   //! On success a new @[argv] array without the parsed options is   //! returned.