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pike.git/lib/modules/Getopt.pmod:206:   #define TYPE 1   #define ALIASES 2   #define ENV 3   #define DEF 4      #define SIZE 5         //! This function does the job of several calls to @[find_option()].   //! The main advantage of this is that it allows it to handle the - //! @tt{@b{POSIX_ME_HARDER@}@} environment variable better. When the either + //! @tt{@b{POSIX_ME_HARDER@}@} environment variable better. When either   //! the argument @[posix_me_harder] or the environment variable   //! @tt{@b{POSIX_ME_HARDER@}@} is true, no arguments will be parsed after   //! the first non-option on the command line.   //!   //! @param argv   //! The should be the array of strings that was sent as the second   //! argument to your @expr{main()@} function.   //!   //! @param options   //! Each element in the array @[options] should be an array on the