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pike.git/lib/modules/Getopt.pmod:11:   //! The short options can also be combined, which means that you can write   //! @tt{-tda@} instead of @tt{-t -d -a@}.   //!   //! Options can also require arguments, in which case they cannot be   //! combined. To write an option with an argument you write   //! @tt{-t @i{argument@}@} or @tt{-t@i{argument@}@} or   //! @tt{--test=@i{argument@}@}.      static void my_error(string err, int throw_errors) {    if(throw_errors) error(err); -  werror([string(8)]err); +  werror([string(0..255)]err);    exit(1);   }      //! This is a generic function to parse command line options of the   //! type @tt{-f@}, @tt{--foo@} or @tt{--foo=bar@}.   //!   //! @param argv   //! The first argument should be the array of strings that was sent as   //! the second argument to your @expr{main()@} function.   //!