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pike.git/lib/modules/Int.pmod:3:   //! Returns the parity of the integer @[value]. If the   //! parity is odd 1 is returned. If it is even 0 is   //! returned.   int(0..1) parity(int(0..) value) {    if(value<0) error("Parity can not determined for negative values.\n");    return Gmp.mpz(value)->popcount()&1;   }      constant NATIVE_MIN = __builtin.NATIVE_INT_MIN;   constant NATIVE_MAX = __builtin.NATIVE_INT_MAX; +  + //! @decl constant NATIVE_MIN; + //! @decl constant NATIVE_MAX; + //!   //! The limits for using the native representation of integers on the   //! current architecture. Any integer that is outside this range uses   //! a more complex and slower representation. Also, some builtin   //! functions that don't expect very large integers might start to   //! complain about invalid argument type when given values outside   //! this range (they typically say something like "Expected integer,   //! got object").   //!   //! @[NATIVE_MIN] is not greater than @expr{-2147483648@}   //! (@expr{-0x80000000@}).