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pike.git/lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/DNS.pmod:4:      //! Support for the Domain Name System protocol.   //!   //! RFC 1034, RFC 1035 and RFC 2308       protected void send_reply(mapping r, mapping q, mapping m, Stdio.UDP udp);      #pike __REAL_VERSION__      // documentation taken from RFC 2136 +    //! No error condition.   final constant NOERROR=0; -  +    //! The name server was unable to interpret the request due to a format error.   final constant FORMERR=1; -  +    //!The name server encountered an internal failure while processing this request, for example an operating system error or a forwarding timeout.   final constant SERVFAIL=2; -  +    //! Some name that ought to exist, does not exist.   final constant NXDOMAIN=3; -  +    //! The name server does not support the specified Opcode.   final constant NOTIMPL=4; -  +    //! The name server refuses to perform the specified operation for policy or security reasons.   final constant REFUSED=5; -  +    //! Some RRset that ought to exist, does not exist.   final constant NXRRSET=8;      final constant QUERY=0;      //! Resource classes   enum ResourceClass   {    //! Class Internet    C_IN=1,