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pike.git/lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/HTTP.pmod/module.pmod:261:    {    if(query)    query+="&"+http_encode_query(query_variables);    else    query=http_encode_query(query_variables);    }       string path=url->path;    if(path=="") path="/";    -  con->async_sync_request(url->host, url->port, +  con->async_request(url->host, url->port,    method+" "+path+(query?("?"+query):"")+" HTTP/1.0",    request_headers, data);   }      //! Sends a HTTP GET request to the server in the URL and returns the   //! created and initialized @[Query] object. @expr{0@} is returned   //! upon failure. If a query object having   //! @expr{request_headers->Connection=="Keep-Alive"@} from a previous   //! request is provided and the already established server connection   //! can be used for the next request, you may gain some performance.