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pike.git/lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/LDAP.pmod/client.pike:339:    ent->dn = dn;    }       //!    //! You can't create instances of this object yourself.    //! The only way to create it is via a search of a LDAP server.    object|int create(array(object) entries, int stuff, int flags) {    // entries: array of der decoded entries, but WITHOUT LDAP PDU !!!    // stuff: 1=bind result; ...    -  this_program::flags = flags; +  this::flags = flags;       // Note: Might do additional schema queries to the server while    // decoding the result. That means possible interleaving problem    // if search() is extended to not retrieve the complete reply at    // once.       if (!sizeof (entries)) {    seterr (LDAP_LOCAL_ERROR);    THROW(({"LDAP: Internal error.\n",backtrace()}));    return -ldap_errno;