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pike.git/lib/modules/Protocols.pmod/LDAP.pmod/client.pike:84:   #define ASN1_GET_RESULTAPP(X) ((X)->elements[1]->get_tag())   #define ASN1_GET_DN(X) ((X)->elements[0]->value)   #define ASN1_GET_ATTR_ARRAY(X) (sizeof ((X)->elements) > 1 && \    (array) ((X)->elements[1]->elements))   #define ASN1_GET_ATTR_NAME(X) ((X)->elements[0]->value)   #define ASN1_GET_ATTR_VALUES(X) ((X)->elements[1]->elements->value)      #define ASN1_RESULTCODE(X) (int)((X)->elements[1]->elements[0]->value->cast_to_int())   #define ASN1_RESULTSTRING(X) ((X)->elements[1]->elements[2]->value)   #define ASN1_RESULTREFS(X) ((X)->elements[1]->elements[3]->elements) - #define ASN1_RAWDEBUG(X) ((X)->debug_string()) +        //! Contains the client implementation of the LDAP protocol.    //! All of the version 2 protocol features are implemented    //! but only the base parts of the version 3.       inherit .protocol;       private {    string bound_dn; // When actually bound, set to the bind DN.    string md5_password; // MD5 hash of the bind password, if any.