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pike.git/lib/modules/SSL.pmod/Connection.pike:968:    // recv_packet returns packets with is_alert set if it is    // generated on our side, as opposed to an alert that is    // received. These are always fatal (wrong packet type, packet    // version, packet size).    SSL3_DEBUG_MSG("SSL.Connection: Bad received packet (%s)\n",    fmt_constant([int]packet->description, "ALERT"));    if (alert_callback)    {    Stdio.Buffer.RewindKey here = read_buffer->rewind_key();    read_buffer_key->rewind(); -  alert_callback(packet, current_read_state->seq_num, +  alert_callback(packet, current_read_state->next_seq_num,    (string)read_buffer);    here->rewind();    }       // We or the packet may have been destructed by the    // alert_callback.    if (this && packet)    send_packet(packet);       return -1;